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Saturday, January 28, 2017


When we gave the press conference in 2007 (read about here at about how sex trafficking was at the highest in the country because of the legalized sex industry there, which includes the legal brothels, in Nevada - one of the arguments heard back was that the legal industry is responsible for Nevada's low number of rapes.

However, there ISN'T a low number of rapes in Nevada is there?  There is however two things that are being juggled in Nevada to try and defend legalized prostitution.  Rape and HIV/AIDS infection.  So you want to make your rape numbers look low?

Just don't test the rape kits.  Not only does that make it APPEAR Nevada doesn't have a high number of rapes in the state,  but it also gets you paid!

To reward the Attorney General for NOT  testing rape kits, she got $1.7 MILLION DOLLARS to test these kits!  Wow.  What brilliant strategy!  Don't test the rape kits, don't prosecute the rapists, claim you have one of the lowest rate statistics in the country, and you actually get PAID for this!

Nevada also only tests for HIV/AIDS in prostitutes when they're arrested for prostitution charges.  So what does Nevada do to hide these numbers?  They DON'T ARREST prostitutes!  No - what they do is hold them for 24 to 48 hours and then release them without charges.  So it makes it appear they don't exist.  Only they do exist and they are costing the state money for each day they're held.  But without charging them, then we don't know what the actual HIV/AIDS rate is among Nevada prostitutes.

Unless tested when arrested, a woman's HIV/AIDS statis is private and therefore the state has no numbers to know how many of the Nevada sex workers actually have HIV/AIDS.   Now if they're negative when getting a prostitute license - that still isn't going to tell us much considering the virus can take up to 15 years to show up on a blood test.

Oh and this "Swedish Model" that these people have been cramming down our throat?  Have you seen the Swedish rape statistics lately?  An 11 percent increase this year.

One thing - Sweden isn't a capitalist society.  In America some men and women are engaging in prostitution to eat.  Why are we trying to copy a prostitution model from a country that isn't a capitalist one?  If people aren't in a position where they don't eat - I don't think you can compare the two systems without adding in that tiny little factor that some American men and women are engaging in sex work purely to feed their kids.

But I got to hand it to Catherine Cortez-Masto - don't test the rape kits and get paid over a million bucks for allowing cases to go cold.  Allow the rapist time to leave the state.  Brilliant - just brilliant.  What I don't understand is if legalized prostitution is so good - why is the state having to literally manipulate the women of the state like this just to juggle the numbers in it's favor?

Saturday, November 19, 2016


You have to realize these "sex trafficking task forces" didn't use to exist at all.  Understand back in the 1970's and early 1980's the whole idea was considered on the same exact level as we consider UFO abductions today.  

If you were to talk about an "organized group of men who network with each other all over the world in order to maintain control over the women they manage/own" they would look at you no different than you saying you had been abducted by aliens.

Then to say you wanted to have a system set up where someone who is dealing with this can get help to get away from them and get to safety and that it further has to be set up so these guys can't come find you and drag you back or murder you so that you don't testify against them was received then the same way as if I said to you now that I'm being abducted by aliens nightly and I need a number I can call where someone will come out and protect me from them and stop them from taking me. 

THAT'S literally how the world reacted to you talking about sex trafficking back then.  If you'd like to see what I mean - let's take one of the first women to step up and talk about what was going on in the sex industry to the public.  This was Linda Lovelace.  She had been in "Deep Throat" which was not just any adult film.  Back in the 1970's adult XXX films were ONLY shown in "adult" theaters.  These were sleazy tiny dirty places in bad parts of town where you had to go in order to watch an XXX film.  People used to make jokes about the "sticky seats" in the theaters!  

"Deep Throat" was however the first XXX film which was aired in "regular" theaters.  It was a comedy about a woman who could only have an orgasm by giving deep throat.  Films were not cheap to make back then, nor was it easy to get ANY film booked into a regular film theater back then. 

So this film was financed with mob money, and the mob made a LOT of money off the ticket sales.  These were cash sales and the theater owners reported these guys used to come in and grab a bunch of cash out of the til and not report it because that's how the mob did things back then.

Linda was married to Chuck Traynor.  She says he forced her to become a prostitute and then held a gun to her off camera on the set to make her do the film.  Linda also said NO ONE stepped up to help her either.  To prove her story - Linda tells the public "you can see the bruises on my legs at the pool and bathtub scenes.  Her bruises are clearly visible when you look for them.  When Linda got away from him, she had nothing.  The book "Ordeal" was published in 1980.  

The thing is - instead of he experiences being used to change the way adult films were made, to use it to create safety measures for the performers - it was instead snatched up by the anti-porn people.  You can see what I mean about the reaction to Linda's story here -

The womens' groups, church groups, anti-porn groups all made Linda their "poster child" in their crusade to shut down porn entirely.  Now Chuck himself didn't do very much denying what Linda said himself.  Instead, he got ahold of Marilyn Chambers and started promoting HER.  MARILYN then started saying things like "Linda's just saying that because she can't cut it anymore in the industry" and "she's just angry Chuck left her for me" and things like that.  

To get Marilyn's denials heard with the widest audience possible  - she embarked on a nationwide country western tour believe it or not.  The purpose of that was so the local news would cover Marilyn's arrival in town.  Of course it also allowed Marilyn to further put down Linda's claims as "just jealous because of all the attention I'm getting now that I'm with Chuck" and "look how well he treats me".
Chuck later opened the Gun Store in Nevada where he made promotional videos of his guns using topless models.

The problem was there were NO LAWS which addressed what happened to Linda on the set.  To have her be raped on film at gunpoint and then the film sold - there just wasn't the right laws to address what she said happened.  So the government did try and file for "obscenity" charges against everyone on the film but Linda.  But the jury didn't understand either what was going on either as the whole thing was being portrayed as more of a "domestic violence" issue if anything.  

I'm bringing this up because I want you to understand that up until 1987 the only thing you could do in situations like this was call 911.  That was IT.  Now if Linda could have reached a phone to call 911 back then what would she have said to them "oh my husband is making me do an adult film?"  Wouldn't work because even if he let her near the phone, which she said he didn't, and even if the cops would come out to the set - then what?  The cops would ask Chuck "are you forcing this woman to do this film?" and he'd say "no".  They'd ask the crew "did you see anything?"  The crew would say "no" because this is their job they want to get paid for.  Then the cops would turn around and go back - leaving Linda now on the set with a very pissed off pimp on her hands.

One of the first things someone like Linda has to do is to GET AWAY  from the situation.  Only back in the 70's and 80's homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, etc. REFUSED to accept prostitutes and especially PORN PERFORMERS.  Drug treatment programs would refuse prostitutes.  Anyone who they even suspected of being a prostitute back then was refused help because not only were we "criminals" in their eyes, but we also were in the middle of an AIDS epidemic.  

So in 1984, I took a warehouse I had yes once used as a brothel and turned it into the first adult safe house in the country.  I got a few women out of the industry, and away from their pimps, in this warehouse.  It was close to the police station to scare away trouble.  It had the security and the barbed wire for protection.  When I was arrested however the police gave me a $50,000 bail.  That took a little time to arrange.  During that time the police made sure the media portrayed me as "running a brothel" as to why I was arrested only I wasn't even on the property when I got arrested.  I was set up by some very corrupt cops who didn't like the idea I was providing safety from them to women with this warehouse.  You can read about my 1984 arrest at

I relate to Jennifer O'Kane when she says "I wanted a safe place for women to go" because that's what my warehouse was.  You were safe there from harm and could heal.  While they were healing, it gave them time to think about what they wanted to do next.  Most wanted to leave the industry.  Some wanted to keep working in the industry but without their exploitation and terror.  But because the warehouse was providing these women with options - it had to be shut down.

Clearly that idea didn't work.  After I shut down the warehouse, I was still getting calls from women needing it.  I wasn't going to go that route again.  But I couldn't turn away either and refuse to help them.  So in 1987 I launched "Prostitutes Anonymous" and the hotline.  This hotline was one where you could call no matter what part of the sex industry you were in - stripping, porn, prostitution - and get help to get out no matter what the situation - even if you were being forced.  Here is me and some of our early members on the Donahue show promoting the hotline and program

A lot of sex workers watched Donahue - so that was one of the reasons why we went on that show.  Anywhere we could make contact with men and women in the sex industry - we let them know to call our hotline first.  Not all wanted help to quit - some were just in an immediate crisis.  That's why we always say "whatever your reasons are just call".  

If you were an adult in the sex industry wanting help to get out of a bad situation, or just to help you quit - then from 1987 until 2002 WE were the only hotline for adults to call.  I specify "adults" because juveniles could call and get help immediately also.  Children of the Night had founded their hotline and program for juveniles in 1979.  

Then we helped to get the Trafficking Act of 2000 passed.  What this did was give us official federal recognition as "victims" instead of "criminals".  Understand prostitution is ILLEGAL.  Making us CRIMINALS in the eyes of the law when calling 911.  So when we would go to victim services after being raped, beaten, kidnapped, etc., and we were "prostitutes" then they would refuse to help us because the government does not help CRIMINALS.  

Prior to the 2000 Act - the only thing on the books about this was the Mann Act.  This only gave Chinese women the status needed for our government to help them get out of prostitution and back to China.  If you were a juvenile transported across state lines to be prostituted - you could prosecute the guy under the Mann Act of 1910.  However, up until the 1970's the only TWO people ever charged under the Mann Act were two African American men.  Chuck Berry the musician and Joe Johnson, the boxer.  They had married white women and then went across state lines.  Clearly our police did not understand what sex trafficking was with the Mann Act or there would have been better prosecutions than that!

But there wasn't because when we'd call the police for help they would view us as CRIMINALS and pretty much hang up on us.  Nicholas Cage was in a great film "Frozen Ground" which really depicted how the police treated us back then very realistically.  If you've seen it you'd know why most of us didn't even bother to call the cops when someone was coming after us.

Once the Trafficking Act passed in 2000 - this meant basically that our government would not spend money to help us be "rescued and restored" on an official level.  From 1987 until 2000 when we'd get calls from someone needing to get some kind of help we had to arrange to get it through networking because there were no trafficking grants, no trafficking fund raisers, and it was like trying to help people who were calling up saying they needed help to get way from  "little green men from mars".  I'm not kidding either - most people didn't even believe our stories back then just as they didn't believe Linda's.

In 2002, Polaris opened up the National Trafficking Hotline.  They advertise to call them if you are being "sex trafficked".  They are NOT  a "rape hotline".  If you are raped - this is a good hotline

But after having been raped myself many times now, and after answering over 500,000 calls on our hotline over 30 years now, I can tell you the FIRST thing you need to do when raped is to resist the urge to clean yourself up.  IMMEDIATELY call 911 and allow them to bring out an ambulance and a rape kit.  Right where you are.  The police can gather photos, evidence, samples, package up clothing, get witness statements, etc.

This is if you CAN call 911 immediately.  If you are not safe where you are, or if your rapist was a cop, sheriff, or other law enforcement person so you are afraid to call the police about being raped then again DO NOT SHOWER and go to the nearest ER.  Tell them you were raped.  They will give you an examination and take samples.  You might have DNA under your fingernails.  There could be teeth marks you need to have photographed.   But the first thing to do when raped is to try and capture the evidence.

DO NOT WORRY ABOUT WHETHER OR NOT YOU'RE GOING TO PROSECUTE YET.  You may feel tempted to want to wait until you decide and then get the medical exam.  No - get the exam first.  Making a police report is NOT the same as "filing a case" against your rapist.  All a police report is that you do at first is to make report about the scene, evidence, maybe get witness statements, get photos, package up DNA samples, etc.  Calling the police is NOT "filing a case".  The police are just gathering evidence and your statements at first.  

The actual CRIMINAL CASE against your rapist is something that has to be decided upon by the prosecutor.  Understand there is a difference between a CRIMINAL case and a CIVIL lawsuit.  A criminal complaint is to have him arrested, convicted and hopefully go to jail or prison for what he did to you.  The evidence in a criminal case is limited to things like DNA, photos of your injuries, torn clothing, crime scene photos, and that sort of real evidence.  The only witnesses they will care about in a criminal case is someone who saw you being raped, heard you being raped, or maybe heard him confessing to having raped you.  All you get out of a criminal filing is the satisfaction he's being stopped from raping another person and he's going to jail or prison.

You do not need to be HARMED to be raped.  The legal definition of rape is when you technically "can't consent".  That's why if you're a juvenile you can't legally consent to sex so even if you said "yes" then he is guilty of rape.  If you were on drugs and didn't understand what was asked of you - you might not have been of the mental capacity to say yes.  If you were in fear for your life if you said no that can be considered rape.  If you were unconscious and therefore didn't consent - that's rape.  But you do not need to be physically harmed in order to have that be considered a rape.

All a rape means is that you either did not, or could not, consent to the sex.  

A civil case for rape is where you are going into a courtroom and asking a judge or jury to decide if you were damaged.   Civil cases allow for what's called "discovery" meaning he will have to answer questions you ask him, he may have to supply you with names of people who were at the party, or tell you what was in that pill he gave you, or otherwise provide you with more evidence and information.  You can win money in a civil case or demand something of him.  For example you might win an award and he may be forced to go to counseling for impulse control.

Other people can join with you on a civil case to form a "class action".  Let's say he raped five of you.  If you all five file against him then that's a class action lawsuit.  If Dennis Hof were to have a civil lawsuit filed against him for rape - then he could be asked to deliver over to Jennifer, or her lawyer, the names of every woman who has been in his employ for the last 4 years (rape cases have to be filed within 4 years or it expires on a criminal level - but you have only 2 years within which to file for a civil lawsuit).  Those women would then get a subpena which would then ask them if they'd been raped by Dennis Hof.  If they say yes and they decide to "join" the lawsuit - then you have what's called a "class action" lawsuit.

You do not get a lawyer to defend you in a criminal case unless you're being charged back on a criminal level.  You do however have the prosecutor behind you if you're filing a criminal case.  But keep in mind if you file against someone for rape either criminally or civilly, or both - they can turn around and sue you on a civil level for things like "defamation".

This is why you should NOT be out on social media yelling "so and so raped me" when this person has not made a public confession yet.  Otherwise, they could sue you for defamation, slander, libel, etc.  And unless you could prove what you're saying is true - they'd win!  Now you CAN ASK "was anyone treated badly by Dennis Hof?".  But if you say someone did something to you in public, or online, in print, etc., then you'd better be able to prove it or YOU could be the one winding up sued.

Because the prosecutor MAY NOT go forward with prosecuting your rapist.  There may not be enough evidence against them and it would be a waste of time and money for the court.  So also understand that just because you FILE against someone does not mean THE COURT FILES.  If the prosecutor feels you don't have enough evidence, if he thinks you're not going to show up at the trial to testify and waste their time, there could be 100 reasons - but they don't have to file a CASE just because you filed a REPORT. 

The same with a civil lawsuit.  You can file anything against anyone.  But their side will ask you to produce your proof and case.  If they feel you don't have enough evidence or proof - they may dismiss your whole lawsuit.

You may not want to file because you may think you won't get a fair trial.  If I was to file a rape charge or suit against Dennis yes it would have to be filed in Pahrump if that's the county where it took place in.  But I would not think I'd get a fair trial in Pahrump.  In fact, I've been in Pahrump, Beatty, Tonopah, Mound, Las Vegas, or wherever you were raped.  Where you were raped, or allege you were raped is where you file the cases.

Now let's say this guy is best friends with the one judge in that town.  You won't get a fair trial.  The prosecutor in a criminal case, and an attorney in a civil case, feel you won't get a fair trial.  You can file for what's called a "change of venue".  I'd had to do it when hearing cases in these small towns with one judge who got big campaign donations from the person I'm going up against.

So don't not file because you think you "won't stand a chance" because they might be friends with the judge.   If that's the case, then there's probably a way to  "change the venue".

In one of Jennifer's tapes, she says to "call Awaken".  Well Awaken never answers their phone.  Not in the years that I've called and others have called.  We always get a voicemail when we've called.  But if you feel you were "trafficked" or forced into the sex industry or even intimidated into some part of the sex industry - yes you can call the National Trafficking Hotline.

Under the resources for Nevada I want to show you that we are really the only emergency hotline to call.  Let me show you a screen shot of Nevada resources for the Polaris National Trafficking Hotline

I want you first to look up in the upper right hand corner of the screen shot.  I want you to see a pop up that will ask you for your location.  Now if you are in a dangerous situation - understand something here - if you are inside of the Bunny Ranch and you go onto the Polaris site and this pops up then they will capture your IP address showing not only you're at the Bunny Ranch, but even what computer you're on.  

Now let's be grown-ups here - criminals have spies and informants.  Look at Whitey Bulger and how many informants he had to tip him off if someone was going to move against him.   Don't think for a minute that IF  Dennis was some really bad dude that he couldn't hire someone to get a job on that hotline or hack into their files or in 100 ways be able to tell if someone at his brothel is going onto the Polaris website because it happens.  The same for your phone.  If you have a pimp who is monitoring your phone then potentially he might be alerted that your phone is going onto their site.  So really carefully consider if you would be endangering yourself in any way by going onto that site.

What if you are in a criminal situation?  We have a 5th amendment in this country which allows you not to incriminate yourself.  If you are in a drug house for example where the IP address would direct law enforcement to you sitting on a shitload of drugs - then you need to consider if you're incriminating yourself here in any way before clicking on that popup or moving forward.

NONE of these things by the way happen if you reach out to our hotline for help at  You will not see any pop-up when you go there.  NO ONE has access to our computer records but myself.  If anyone tries to hack into our records I will be alerted.  I have been threatened, bribed, hit with a subpena and a warrant to try and obtain information on who contacts us and they get nothing.

Now when you go down the list of people to contact in Nevada for help the first name you see is the Alameda Prosecutor.  DO NOT call that number first until I explain something.

But first, notice Sex Workers Anonymous IS listed under Nevada resources of who to call for help when trafficked in Nevada. 

Now I'm going to tell you WHY I do not recommend you call the Alameda Prosecutors Office HEAT nor Nancy O'Malley for help when being trafficked or trying to leave the sex industry.   I first heard of them when they were organizing a trafficking conference in Los Angeles.  I offered to come share my experience with them in this field being it's 30 years now and 500,000 calls on the hotline.  I myself have been in recovery since 1985.  I was told I could "send them some flyers they'd leave on the literature table" but that they "did not have time for me to present anything".  I was not even invited to come as a guest to the event. I know a blow-off when I hear one.  If you're holding a conference on alcoholism and Bill Wilson offers to come speak - if you really CARE about alcoholism then you'll respond.

So clearly they don't.  And they DON'T.   I got a google that over $1,000,000 was being spent on a billboard campaign in Alameda County for sex trafficking victims to get help.  The url which was being plastered all over Alameda was   Well I went to that address and found a BUS SCHEDULE.  That was it.  So I tried to contact Nancy and alert her there was a problem and didn't get a call-back.  I went to the Board of Supervisors and told them this went nowhere and got no response.  FOR SIX MONTHS I hounded these people this link went nowhere and finally, after six months of hounding them by email, it now goes to a lovely site that doesn't do jack shit.  

Go on - take a look at it.  Now imagine you're a trafficking victim needing help to get away to help.  Do you see anything on there that helps you do this?  Let's say you see a kid right there in trouble - do you see anything on there that tells you what to do with that kid?  Slick million bucks in the pocket - good one Nancy!  Now THAT'S a "trick"!

I then started getting some calls from women in her area needing help.  Now when our hotline gets a call we ALWAYS try and use the local resources first before doing anything on our own to assist.  It is only when we fail to get assistance for them that we personally then respond.  Now let me know you something about what is going on in Alameda -

Now before I go further, let me say that when these people called me for help it was because they had tried other methods first.  I am not the first call usually.  One woman had told me she called 911.  She was told that "unless you have an emergency where we can call police, fire, or ambulance - then we need to ask you to call the non-emergency line".  

You see where takes you to.  But remember the name Celeste Guap.  Because her mother is a 911 operator.  Keep that in mind.  Meaning when you would call 911 in this region you would then possibly be getting her mother, or someone who works with her mother.   You will note from the Huffington  Post article it states that "Celeste was being tipped how to avoid trafficking raids and outreach".  I can assure you she was not the only person alerted to such things.  But remember "alert" is an interesting word because what if you WANT HELP?  Only this uniformed active duty police officer or prosecutor is TELLING YOU NOT TO BE THERE at such and such a time where you could GET HELP?

I mean is "alert" the right choice of words here?   How about "order"?  How about if I'm being trafficked by over 30 cops in this area, and my mother is fielding 911 calls and I want to get the hell out from under this situation but don't know where to turn because when I go to the Polaris site it tells me to call the very people who are trafficking me - and then when there's an outreach or raid going on they're "ordering" me not to go there where I might get help.  So you know what do you do?

You call me.  Only I tried then contacting Nancy O'Malley myself directly.  I told her the truth - that I had women who had reached out to me because they couldn't reach out to the traditional authorities and I wanted to talk to her about it.  I got told "I'll call you in a few days" and never ever got a call back.  I tried to reach her a few times after that - and just got no response.  THAT'S when I got hostile - not before by the way.  I got hostile because this woman got an $80,000 grant from Swanee Hunt to be someone to help these women.  Not only was she pulling stunts like this billboard campaign, but she was refusing to talk to me about the calls my hotline's getting?  I mean don't you think that's a form of fraud against Swanee Hunt?

When the news broke about Celeste Guap in the press - I reached out to try and make contact with her because I was very scared for her safety.  I've been in her shoes and I've had cops scared I was going to prosecute them for having sex with me and I've had cops try and kill me literally for being afraid I would reveal we'd had sex so I was very very scared for her life.  I say that because when I was arrested  I did have a tape of four cops having sex with me and some of my girlfriends, as well as getting high.   They realized they were on Candid Camera when raiding the warehouse they found the hidden cable wires and the VCR.  I had the tape elsewhere.  I'm not going to go into the whole story but yes these cops were so worried what I was going to do with those tapes I had more than one attempt made on my life back then.  My attorney finally negotiated with them the tapes would only be released  IF I was harmed and we got the attacks to stop.

But Nancy responded back "I've got this".  Okay Celeste is then taken in a police car to a Florida treatment program.  I'm not asked for a recommendation on a good place to send someone like Celeste.  Suddenly, she's arrested for assault on a guard at the facility and given a $300,000 bail.  Her talking to the press stops.  I've been there done that too - this is where you get threatened into shutting your mouth to the press.  Which her interviews did stop after she was released when this happened.

Is Celeste out of sex work and safe?  Her Facebook appears to be actively hooking so I'd say "no".  Now can I help her?  I know we can do more for her than I see Nancy doing.  Oh yes Nancy's announced 7 cops will be prosecuted for having sex with her.  I'm not hearing anything about sex trafficking though.  I also know that since there's no DNA or semen that this boils down to her testimony.  I know no prostitute has ever won a rape case - let alone against a cop.  So if she lives long enough to testify, and does, then what is going to happen?  What's happening right now to cops who are shooting people dead?  So I'm not holding my breath here.

Celeste illustrates why WE STILL don't have a system set up yet to help these men and women.  I would also like to know what Nancy did with the $80,000 Swanee gave her?  She's impounding cars off johns right and left so that's a lot of money.  We have very good treatment programs right here in southern California.  In fact, with 80 percent of the porn industry here in the valley we have some very good treatment programs who could help Celeste get clean and out of the industry.  But she's sent to Florida?  What treatment program has a uniformed guard?  What treatment program would have a client in early detox arrested for assault?  I'm sorry but most addicts ARE combative in early recovery.  It's their job to MANAGE those emotions.   To have her arrested because of their employee I think is the height of negligence.  Either that or it was staged and deliberate.  I've never had something like that happen to anyone we've gotten into treatment and over 30 years - that's a lot of people.

Now, Jennifer is telling people to "call the US Attorney's Office to report Dennis Hof raped you".  That is NOT what the US Attorney's office would tell you to do.  They would tell you to first call Crimestoppers.

You should not EVER just call up an office like this blindly.  Criminals have informants everywhere.   In Columbia, it is well known if you reach out to the police to report on the Cartel, they are tapped right into the phone company and you will get a visit from very unhappy people if you do that.   What if there are informants there?  What if the phones are tapped by the criminals?  Do you think criminals don't do counter-surveillance on the cops who might be watching them?  Think again - we just had a Chinese spy popped out of our FBI.

We had another one poped out of Homeland Security, ICE and the trafficking task forces - Joohon David Lee.

I could go on.  My point being DO NOT just call up somewhere and start blabling about what happened to you.  For one thing, how do you know you're not incriminating yourself?  If there is a chance you might - then I'd advise YOU seek an attorney FIRST before shooting off your mouth about someone else.  

I made a bad mistake once.  I had been "recruited" by some organized traffickers who had heard I'd gotten divorced and I was broke.  They sent a man in to convince me to come to work for them again as a madam.  I actually considered it until I saw what they were doing to the Chinese and Latina women.  Yes the "white girls" were being treated well.  But the Chinese women were being worked in houses with mattresses on the floor and not allowed to leave.  The Latina women were being treated like dogs.  It brought back memories of why I left the industry in the first place.  I was very worried about these Chinese and Latina women and there was no way to get them out of there myself.  They were literally being kept locked up on private property.

I made the mistake of going to Chief Gillispie in Las Vegas with the information.  I gave him the addresses where the women were being held, where the chop shop was, where the drugs were packed into the cars, where the brothels were, and the whole 9 yards.  I gave him phone numbers, addresses, names on bank accounts and leases, and the whole 9 yards.

At 2:00 a.m. the next morning I had a knock on my door.  It was one of the women.  She told me that the Chief had come in telling everyone to "clear out of there now".  She told me to go with her in the car to the brothel address and I'd see.  The whole house had been gutted and when we went inside I could even smell the bleach.  They had cleaned and scrubbed the whole operation down to nothing.  This woman was 8 months pregnant and they didn't want to worry about transporting her so they just told her to "split".  Luckily she had remembered where I lived and walked there to get help.

Now if I just had the Chief of Police clean up the evidence this woman was being trafficked who do you think I'm going to call to help this woman?
I'm not going to tell you what we did with her but she's fine now.  The baby is great.  Chief Gillispie has been dealt with.  So Jennifer - I think I know what I'm doing in this area.  I do not believe Awaken properly advised you what to do in this situation because  I wouldn't be having you make a video up talking about calling the Polaris hotline about Dennis and I'll tell you why.

A couple of years ago, California passed SB1193.  This is a law requiring their hotline be posted at all sex industry outlets.

Polaris came into California and got that law passed pretty much putting up that hotline everywhere in California.  In fact, Polaris got that hotline law passed in a lot of states.

Here it is in Connecticut -

n fact, Katherine Chon, co-founder of Polaris got decriminalized prostitution OUTLAWED in Rhode Island in 2007.  Her and Derek Ellerman, who "has a career thanks to Ron Paul" he says.  Ron Paul gets regular donations from Dennis Hof by the way.  Rhode Island was Nevada's legal brothels' ONLY competitor in the USA and now they're not thanks to Ms. Chon's work.  Here is an article showing Hof's very outspoken support of Ron

ell he certainly got Dennis his money's worth!  Shot down a whole state of competitors to the guy Jennifer!  

Has anyone ever heard of these bandits who will sometimes look like they're in a car broken down on the road so people will stop?  Then when you stop to try and help them - you get robbed?  It's a tactic.  Meaning don't always believe someone is being harmed just because they ask you to help them.

How come Jennifer is so vocal about being raped by Hof that she's gone to Monica Foster, and Desi Fox, and Awaken and Polaris - but she hasn't come to me?  I've actually gone toe to toe with the brothel owners before and not many have.  For example, in 1988 Joe Conforte wanted to expand legalized prostitution into California.  Now you want to hear some horrific rape stories?  I would hear them about Joe daily!!!  So in 1988 I went on TV to counter-campaign against his expansion.  Was I against sex work?  No.  I was however against the kinds of things I was hearing Joe was doing to these women.  In fact, one of the women on that very panel of Sally asked me to get her the hell out of there once taping was done.  She claimed Joe had drugged her, pointed a knife at her, put her on a charter plane, and forced her to stay what she said on that stage.  She's now out of prostitution and safe.

Where's Joe now?

This blog has got post after post after post blasting the hell out of Dennis or Lance Gilman or the Shady Lady or any of the Nevada brothels for how they treat women, and if you take a look JUST at Chief Gillispie and Joe Conforte - I think you can kind of figure out I know how to get shit done about shutting down someone who is abusing sex workers  so ask yourself WHY didn't Jennifer O'Kane reach out to me sooner about this?
I spoke about Jennifer to a few of our members who have told me some things about Joe.  I asked if they wanted to talk to Jennifer about what happened to them.  They each said "have you seen the police report she keeps talking about?"  No I haven't.  So I asked Jennifer for a copy of the police report.  During our talk she had described a police report, a hospital record, and a case with the Attorney General, or US Attorney or the Pahrump prosecutor - it kept changing.  So I asked her to just show me something, anything, and I'd show it to these women and then see if they'd be open about talking with her more.  Jennifer refused to give it to me pretty much.  I say "pretty much" because I got a barrage of insults, names thrown at me, a couple of "lose my number"'s and the usual blow-offs.  Then at 2:00 am I got a text she was going to "show me" by giving me the case # which I never got.

At this point in time I have heard five different versions of what happened to her.  What has not changed however is her insistence on either calling her if you've been "harmed by Dennis Hof" or to call Awaken, or Polaris, or the US Attorney's office, or the Attorney General's office, etc.

Can someone tell me why Jennifer didn't know rape kits in Nevada aren't being tested?  In fact there's been a lot of outcry about this.

Catherine Cortez-Masto is the NV Attorney General.  She's not testing these kits so clearly she doesn't give a shit about rape of women in Nevada.  She's also running for Senate AS IS DENNIS HOF.

Meaning Catherine might want to know if anyone has been raped by Dennis so she can win at the Senate race - not because she cares about you being raped.    Does it make a difference?  If you're going to be used by her campaign and then left open for a defamation case and he's not convicted of your rape - yeah it makes a difference as to what's going on with respect to why is all this racket being made about "come forward if Dennis raped you"?

Look, I called out Samoly Mam as a fraud when I saw it because she was ripping people off for money and also giving the public the wrong idea about what sex trafficking victims in America are going through and what help WE NEED.   I can also care about Jennifer all I want - but if I think what she's doing is going to harm someone else I am going to say something.

Jennifer - the things you're asking women to do in your social media about Dennis is dangerous and harmful to them.  If they speak up and say "Dennis raped me" without a conviction or a confession out of him - then they can be sued and lose.

The things you are asking them to do are not the proper things to do for what you're saying.  If someone is raped - they should not "call the US Attorney's office".  They need to call 911 and get a rape kit done.   If they can't call 911 - then go to the nearest ER and get examined FIRST.  Second, call Crimestoppers.  This is a hotline where your report isn't going to disappear.  You make it "anonymously" so no one shows up at your doorstep the next morning to shut you up.

Then you go and speak to an attorney.  The attorney will tell you if you have a civil case.  The attorney will also tell you if you coming forward might actually incriminate you as well.  Something you need to know before shooting off your mouth.

Use some common sense here.  If Polaris was going to do jack shit against Dennis Hof - then why (1) is one of the first things Katherine Chon do was to shut down Dennis' competitor?, (2) why have all these other states been ordered to post up signs with the National Trafficking Hotline on it but NEVADA HAS NOT, and (3) why does the Polaris resource listing for Nevada have like 100 other names on top of ours that aren't even for Nevada which essentially BURIES our information?  

Is it because they're "great resources" for Nevada?  Remember, this is NOT who to call if you've been RAPED.  This is who to call if you've been TRAFFICKED.  You don't call them if you want help to exit sex work.  To exit sex work you have to contact us (if you're over 18 years old otherwise

Well let's see how good these resources are if you're trying to escape a sex trafficking situation.  Since most calls come in after 5 pm to our hotline - I 
called those numbers starting at 5:15 pm on 11/18/16.  I recorded each call to verify what happened.  

Alameda – Remember what happened to Celeste Guap?  Besides, this is California - not Nevada.

Alliance for Community Transformation Hotline – no answer

Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Voicemail saying “will return your call within two days) when you push #1 for legal assistance

Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach – Voicemail

Awaken – Voicemail

CAST – doesn't have “resources in Nevada”. The operator said they can “only help if you relocate to California”.

National CAST Hotline (888) 373-7888 – was on hold for five minutes listening to music.

Community Against Sexual Harm – Voicemail

Community Violence Solutions - Disconnected

Courage Worldwide – not taking intakes until the fall on recording.

Fresno Central Valley – youth shelter for those under 18 years of age in Fresno, California

Hookers for Jesus – Voicemail saying “call back during business hours”

International Institute – Voicemail

International Institute – Duplicate of above

International Rescue Committee Phoenix – Voicemail

International Rescue Committee HOPE - Voicemail

LACY – Recording saying calls “are not confidential and it takes sometimes 4 days to return calls. Further, they do not work with criminal matters – only helping teens or teen mothers with custody cases”.

Live Violence Free – Got a woman on the line saying they offer domestic violence assistance to Nevada residents.

Made for Them - Voicemail

Monterey Rape Crisis – they answered saying they only service Monterey county in California

My Sisters House – recording tells me to “call back the 24 hotline and gives me the same # I just dialed)

Operation Safehouse – recording it's for a youth shelter

Redemption Ridge – a hotline for sex trafficking in Oregon

Restoration Railroad – does not provide services in Nevada

RISE – press 1 to speak to an advocate. The woman who answered said she was not an advocate. They provide shelter in San Luis Obispo, but not Nevada

San Francisco Asian Womens' Shelter. Referred me to their “national hotline” of 415 8644722. A recording comes on saying they're a domestic violence hotline. A woman answered saying they “do not provide direct services in Nevada”.

Saving Innocence – voicemail saying leave a message.

Sex Workers Anonymous. Our hotline is not listed as a 24/7 hotline. The web link goes to an old radio show I no longer produce at That is NOT our web address of I have not produced this show in YEARS which is why the web address and phone number on the radio show are no longer working. It makes it appear we aren't anything other than a radio program.

The RISE Group Homes – Voicemail

Salvation Army SEEDS Program I got told to call x 232.  Then told to call x 230.  Then back to x232.  No one answered.  

Utah Domestic Violence Hotline – got a recording saying I'd be on “hold less than five minutes”. Since this is for Utah I hung up.

WEAVE – told me they could “look up referrals for services in Nevada”. Since WEAVE is in Sacramento, then I doubt they have much in the way of Nevada referrals.

West Coast Childrens Clinic - they only serve women and children with Medi-Cal – which is California health insurance.

Now am I saying I don't believe Jennifer was raped?  I have no idea.  I wasn't there.  I haven't seen any reports or medical records.  So I don't know.  Why would I know?  I do know however I've heard five different versions of what happened.  Dramatic differences.  I do know I haven't seen any police report, pleadings, photos, nor any type of evidence.   I know when I asked for a police report number or a copy of the report she went NUTS on me and started cussing me out then refused and told me to "leave her alone".

I don't understand the contradictions.  When I did the Sally show and this woman told me about what Joe had done to her, I made sure the other women had my phone number and knew they could call me.  I did not shut down my business and run out of state as Jennifer says she's done recently.  She says she "wants to have a business that's safe and different" but then she shuts down the Calico.

Let me tell you something folks bottom line here - I wanted to help women "be safe" also.  I thought I could do it "from the inside" also.  I put together that safehouse and thought I could help others leave while remaining in the industry myself.  I got set up and burned bad.  I was arrested, the cops took everything I owned, I also got a felony record, and I almost got myself killed.  My mother was arrested and shamed.  I would not be able to do what I do if I was STILL in the biz and I'll tell you why - because you can't protect these women from INSIDE the business.  

It's too small of a world.  The "johns" know and hear everything.  The other women know and hear everything.  If you're a hooker leaving a pimp in Florida and you set up shop in California - I can promise you he will know in two hours where you are.  Now how can I hide anyone from this if I am open myself?  

There is nothing in this world I know how to do better than be a madam.  I would be a billionaire if I went back into the industry with my training and talent along with my knowledge of this industry and how it works.  But I would not be able to do what I do and help who I help if I was INSIDE the business.  It's IMPOSSIBLE.

And Jennifer if you think I haven't seen a lot of people try and "create a safe nice place to work" that really gave it their best shot - think again.  I was friends with Jeane Palfrey.   NO ONE knew more people in the FBI, CIA, the cops, etc., than Jeane Palfrey.  Some of the names in her "Black Book" she's released included Randall Tobias and David Vitter.  There are others higher I won't name she left me with when she was murdered in my opinion.

Despite all of her best efforts, she couldn't protect Brandy Britton.
   Before Brandy got a chance to testify and spill what she knew - she was whacked in my opinion also.  There's just too many "hung" hookers and madams in David Vitter's past and Brandy saw David as a client before her death.  

But if you really really really believed Dennis was a "monster" and you wanted to "give them a safe place to work" then you should be standing your ground to keep that place open and provide them with that.  And if you think it hasn't crossed my mind after all the stories I've been hearing out of Nevada women about how they've been treated in other brothels - think again.

Because I've been hearing these stories longer than you.  Those stories are why I've been trying to push for a union for the brothels so that kind of thing can't happen.  I have openly challenged many women to sue Dennis for sexual harassment because of how I've seen he treats the women he work there.  I don't think it's okay to "grab a tit" when you're the boss just because she's a prostitute - no.  I believe if you're a pro  - then no one should grab your tit without paying or you asking them to.

If you really wanted to do something to Dennis, get a class action going, etc., then how could I didn't hear from you at all even?  I reached out to you when I heard you were leaving the industry because i knew you might need some support during that process.  But yet every advice I tried to give you about how to make something "stick" with Dennis was ignored by you.  Then YOU attacked me on the phone, called me names, insulted me, then blew me off disrespectfully.  

Dennis has never treated me as badly as you have treated me Jennifer.  He's never called me a name.

So no I'm not "questioning your story".  I couldn't know if that's true or not.  But I can question your motive and behavior.  It appears to me you're trying to flush out of the woodwork people who might have an axe to grind with him before he campaigns more for the Senate seat.

I also believe your advice is very harmful to those who might be in genuine trouble.  That's why I'm trying to post more useful information online for those people.

I do know this - I love shows like Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmare's and Bar Rescue, and such.  I see people who have spent a small fortune opening up a business they know NOTHING about nor do they bother to hire consultants or experts nor learn about their industry.  Then they start blaming others around them when they start failing.  The Calico offers nothing more unique than the Bunny Ranch does with less services and options actually.  In my opinion I don't think you know anything about how to run a legal brothel properly.  Dennis however I will say is a marketing and promotions genius.  I think Lance Gilman is just as brilliant in a completely different manner.  Those men know what they're doing and they know their "niche".

Your advice is dangerous and reckless.  Therefore I don't feel you are concerned with the well being of these women.  I'm glad to hear you have a loving husband behind you because I know he'll make sure you're okay.  As for others out there who don't - I advise you to carefully carefully consider anything Jennifer is recommending or suggesting.  

If you would like help to exit the sex industry and/or recover - you may reach out to

Thursday, July 14, 2016


Is this what happens if you leave working at the Nevada brothels and go into "business" for yourself? This speaks that Brooke had left the Bunny Ranch not to retire from sex work, but in fact she'd been working as a prostitute in Oklahoma when this horrible tragedy went down.    Please note it says this murder was "planned".


The women we've helped to leave the Nevada brothels do so because they want to leave the whole sex industry.  So the vast majority of the women we work with don't go back into prostitution, stripping, porn, etc. upon leaving.

However, some of that isn't necessarily by choice.  Many of these women report they've received threats, even death threats, about what will happen to them if they "don't come back".  Especially if they grant media interviews about what things were like on the inside.

You'll note that no one gives any interview about the Bunny Ranch without Dennis right there in the room.  Also, note these women are residing at the brothel at the time of the interviews, or know they have to go back.  Take any job and tell me if you're going to speak the 100 % truth about your boss or working conditions while they're sitting there?

Christina Parriera?  Her husband is a working associate of Dennis Hof.  She lives in Henderson, Nevada and based on the threats she's issued towards myself personally she knows some pretty bad dudes that can make one's live miserable if she "wanted to".  Meaning she knows full well these same bad dudes could just as easily be turned on her.  That along with the history of domestic violence charges against her husband who she lives with in Nevada - doesn't tell me she's speaking the whole 100 % truth either without fear or possible coercion behind what she's saying.

Christina was just fine with me and we were talking on her social media BEFORE she went in to work inside the brothels to create her report.  She made sure to be online daily so people could keep track of her.  That's why I was alerted when she sent out a signal in the middle of the night saying she "wanted to get out of there".  Clearly she didn't have a way to leave on her own or she wouldn't have asked for help to leave.

So I said I was "coming".  Before I could reach her, she came back online saying "everything was fine" and that she had just "had an episode because of changing her bipolar medication".  I'm not revealing a confidence here when she's posting this on her twitter feed.   The next day I found myself shut off from all of her social media and in fact I'm now threatened with lawyers if I even attempt to speak to her again.

I don't know many secretary's who have their husband or boss threaten me with lawyers if I speak to them so excuse me if I tend to think they might not be fully speaking their minds in the media.

I'd like you to make a note of what does happen to women who leave the industry and then take the extra step to reach back and try and help others to leave.

See how they attack me at   I'd like you to note the big view here seems to say that they think there is "no program" and that it's "just me alone".    This was said after the people who created the site spent six months trying to get past me to the other members to no avail.  They couldn't.

It also ignores the interviews we have up in members' own voices at, quotes from members spanning 30 years at and even members who have appeared on TV with us back in the 80's and 90's.   So clearly we do have members - it's just that no those people trying to get at them can't.  We have had to set up that type of security because they were being threatened.  When Aubrey left the brothels for example she had gotten a new unlisted phone number and STILL had the owner of the brothel call and threaten her life if she gave another interview.

Go down the list:

Shelley Lubben

Created by Michael Whiteacre, Christina's husband.

Monica Foster, Desi Foxx, and others who try and help other people leave the sex industry, are discussed here.

Note all attacks seem to be connected to Michael Whiteacre.

Who another pornographer says is hired by Dennis Hof here:

With what appears to be Michael's full time job of investigating, stalking, and blogging attacks against those trying to also help women out of the industry - I'd certainly imagine it makes Christina also think twice about what would happen to her if she not only left the industry, but also started talking about what she knows about the industry as well.

I believe Sharnel Silvey was framed.  Sharnel also not only left the sex industry, but worked very hard to try and help others leave the Nevada brothels.  She would bring roses to the women in the brothels basically posing as doing Christian outreach.  Only this was a good way to get the owners to tune her out when she was talking to the women.

She built up to starting the first alternative sentencing program in Nevada.  I was helping her get this program started, and it was very effective.  Aubrey even came through this program at first.  Many women leaving the brothels wind up prostituting illegally in northern Nevada and then are arrested.  This was the focus of the program was helping these women.

Sharnel told me Joe Conforte was calling her from Brazil asking her to come there to help him "run women" where it was "legal".   But the job offer was more than a job offer - it was also a bribe to try and abandon the program helping women leave prostitution in Nevada.

She refused. Shortly after she was set up on a charge where the court threw the absolute book at her.  First offense, non-violent crime - FIVE YEARS.

I found it interesting Google seemed to lose all trace of her good work once she was arrested.  It was like the good news clips just disappeared.

I have YET to find any of these types of attacks against that group of women, those trying to help others leave Nevada sex work, that is NOT connected to Michael Whiteacre, whose wife works for Dennis Hof.

Yes giving rise to wonder about what happened to Brooke Phillips.  She was "known" for Cathouse and had set up shop away from Dennis.  This was not a random killing.  It wasn't suicide.  It wasn't an accidental overdose.  This woman was out and out murdered and the men who murdered her not only planned the murder but even "complained" that she "wouldn't die".

Are just these women  the only ones being bullied here?

What about Chris Edwards stating that John Hambrick "bullied his way" into being Speaker of the House?

I stood by and watched Assemblyman Bob Beers completely set up and railroaded out of his position by the Review Journal.   This man was on our side, and had declared he would do something to help the women who were working in the massage parlors in Las Vegas.  Take a good look at "Operation Dollhouse" as to why these women need help in the first place.  Or what was going on in the Crazy Horse strip club for that matter where the owner is drugging and robbing customers, then being a part of paralyzing one man for life.

Bob reported to me he was receiving death threats when I asked him if he was going to fight back against the phony ethics set-up.  This is a man who meant well finding himself getting death threats.  Having a family to protect I don't blame him for withdrawing - making room for John Hambrick.

When I first heard of John, I asked to meet with him.  He refused.

When he was going to Carson City to work on AB67 I asked him if he could help me get up there also.  I had no car then and no money to fly up there either.  He refused.

I asked him for an interview on our radio program.  He refused.

I then found him working very closely with Congo Justice.  Who was NOT talking about NEVADA prostitution.

Then he partnered up with pastor Tony Martinez.  Only his so called "documentary" focused entirely on illegal prostitution on the streets.  There was not one frame, not one interview, not one SECOND in there about women in the strip clubs or the legal brothels in Nevada speaking about trafficking.  I had tried reaching out to Tony repeating during the production of his film - only to be completely rebuffed.  Now the film's done - he's on to working with gang members.  So clearly his heart isn't in helping Nevada prostitutes.

Why does it make a difference they're not including the legal brothels, strip clubs, or massage parlors with sex trafficking media/propaganda?  Listen to this interview with Joe Conforte and myself from 1988  Notice that he equals all "problems" with prostitution as "only being where it's illegal".  Notice I counter that these issues happen in the legal venues just as often.  It that isn't the case then why would Amsterdam shut down their legal windows district in 2007?

My point being that if John Hambrick cared one single tiny bit about Nevada's sex trafficking victims - then why were all of our calls rebuffed?  Take a look at this video from 1988.  Clearly I've been working with the issue of Nevada prostitutes for a LONG LONG time.

Now he's reported to be "bullying" his way into Speaker.


Well made it easier to chase off Harry Reid - a loud opponent to the Nevada brothels.  Here he is in 2011 posing they even be outlawed.  Well of course they had to get rid of him.

Now we see Dennis running for Senate.

How does the Nevada brothels treat it's opposition?  They get Polaris to outlaw it.

Can anyone tell me why Polaris would go to all that effort to shut down Rhode Island but NOT Nevada?

Well probably because one of the men on their team says he "owes his career to Ron Paul".   Ron is a libertarian.   Libertarians are trying to push legalized prostitution across this country - NOT "decriminalized".  Legalized is another word for "pimp owned".  Derek Ellerman wrote the paper WITH Katherine Chon which got Rhode Island decriminalized prostitution shut down.

So here is the tie between Dennis Hof and Rhode Island being shut down as a competitor to them using some pretty big dogs and a lot of money.

Sheldon Adelson has now bought the Review Journal.  Basically the only newspaper in Nevada.

A man with a clearly known agenda to get prostitution legalized in the USA.  A man who is also known for hating unions by the way.

Step in Sex Workers Outreach Project.  When Robin Few died, they seem to not only get a new cash infusion, but were taken over by people who wanted to make damn sure no one knew about our group or myself.  Immediately Christina Parriera, or her husband using her email address, went about having me shut out of all SWOP online groups and discussions.

Why?  She didn't like me personally?  If that was the case why the timing that it was?  No the plan has gone into operation to not only get prostitution legalized, all opposition shut down, but also to make sure sex workers DON'T UNIONIZE.

Welcome now to the Cupcake Girls.  A group putting itself inbetween the sex workers of Nevada and our group.  They hand out cash and cupcakes and in return get close to as many of the women as possible.  Notice not one word about unionizing out of their mouths.

But the law they got passed allows women with a prostitution conviction on their record to be able to clear it away and get a license now.  A law that sure wouldn't have passed without the bullshit smoke screen of it being about "jobs".

Our group has been getting women coming out of sex work jobs since 1988.  There has NEVER been an issue about their prostitution record blocking them from jobs.  In fact, many companies  PREFER it.  They say they know if the woman was a prostitute that she "knows how to interact with the public" and she "knows how to sell".

When I reached out to the Cupcake Girls with a list of companies who only hire ex-sex workers with records - they blocked me from all contact.  So clearly helping these women find jobs was not the goal for them as stated.

But now you can get a judge to sign off on your record and get yourself a prostitution license thanks to them!

No readers - this much money, time, trouble, etc., put into getting this "prostitution agenda" spread and we're supposed to think there may not have been some connection to Brooke's death being that she'd left the ranch.   I think this case needs a little further investigation myself.

Friday, March 25, 2016

DENNIS RUNS FOR SENATE  Wondering why the attacks upon us have increased so dramatically in recent days - I've come to know the pattern well.  Whenever attacks upon us have amped up - Dennis is usually up to something.   I go onto the newsletter and find that yep - Dennis has announced he's going to run for senate.

I had to admit I let out a chuckle upon hearing that he believes in "fighting sex trafficking".  Years ago when Dennis first started owning brothels I would call him for help on rescues I was doing to help get a woman either away from a vicious pimp, or away from a gang of traffickers such as the Hell's Angel's who ran women out of the Shady Lady from what the women told me before they closed.   He would always flat refuse to help us out in any way with these women.  I asked him for help with a plane ticket to get one woman back to her family, with another I asked for help to get a motel for the night, etc.

I have asked Dennis if he would sponsor an outreach project in the parts of Nevada where we hear the women are being not only seriously pimped, but also abused by local men, including police officers from the reports we've got from various parts of Nevada.  However, no shelter provides transportation so I've needed help to organize an RV that would be able to transport juveniles into an out of state program, and adults into drug treatment or a shelter or motel.

Dennis refused more than one project we offered to get his help with.  Including an outreach project where we'd go through Nevada and up the California coast.  I offered to put up his brothel logo on the RV so people would see he was actually putting his "money where his mouth" was with respect to helping women escape pimps.  I pitched Dennis an outreach project into the porn industry where we'd provide HIV education and testing, as well as help to leave a pimp with his name on the project so again everyone would know he was sponsoring this outreach project.  He refused. When SB1193 passed requiring signs be posted in all adult businesses, I asked Dennis if he'd like to sponsor a sign project to hang signs in all the porn production studios in Los Angeles - and he declined.   I even offered to dub the whole outreach tour as the "sex industry fighting sex trafficking" and using the tour to educate the public about the difference between sex work and sex trafficking, and he refused.

The last rescue I called him for help on was when a woman had told her pimp she was pregnant as they were driving down the highway.  Going 65 mph he then threw her out of the car upon hearing the news.  She lost her shoes and walked barefoot back down the highway after being thrown out of a moving car.  He came back around and got her alright - to beat the crap out of her.  She had a broken nose, two black eyes, and a sprained elbow when I picked her up.   She had family in another state and told me she just wanted to go back to her mother and be with her other daughter to have this baby.  I had no money at the time to help her of my own so I called Dennis and asked for help.  His response was "she could come here".  I told him she was in no condition to go up there and he said "that's my offer".  I was like what?  He then repeated "if you have someone you want to get away from a pimp - you can bring them up here to me and I'll put them to work for me". I explained "Dennis if they call me instead of you for help they don't want to go from one pimp to another - they want out.   So I need your help to get her out and home."  He said "you can bring anyone up here and I'll put them to work.  Otherwise, it's not my problem."

I have asked Dennis if he would post our flyer in his ranch for those who want to quit the industry after one of his employees got pregnant, left the ranch, fell into a bad crowd and was murdered.  I advised him that if they leave the business, because of their past, they can fall into a bad crowd, which is why it's advisable to be around us and let them get connected into a positive support system that's also clean from drugs.  He refused.  I told him other brothel owners  and madams had no problem with posting our flyers or telling women about us when they said they wanted to quit - and his response was "yeah and they're out of business now and I'm not".   I said "I'm not trying to talk anyone out of the business Dennis - but if they want to leave don't you think they should have a # to call that will come and get them and get them out of there?"  To which his answer was and I quote "I spend too much money recruiting women around here to be making it easy to leave.".  Now since Dennis has threatened me about talking about our discussions online about how I had "better be sure I don't misquote him" - yes I have the emails and conversations stored to prove everything I"m saying.

When I saw what happened with Heidi not being able to get clean on the Dr. Drew show, I wasn't able to find a way to reach her.  I contacted Dennis and asked if I could please connect her into a group of ex-sex workers I knew who had a lot of years clean who could help her work on her sobriety without her past getting in the way.  I've seen those rooms of AA and NA in Pahrump and they're not much help.   He refused to let me bring in some recovering addicts to talk to her.  I then asked Dennis what about NA meetings for those wanting to stay clean?  Especially if they aren't allowed to leave the premises for days and weeks at a time.   He wouldn't answer me.

I offered to bring in an NA meeting for the women there trying to stay clean while working in the industry strictly from an NA view - and he refused.  I've told him that women leaving the ranch have a very difficult time adjusting, and many turn to drugs, and to please connect those leaving to me so I could help them get the recovery support and transitional support they need - and he's refused.  Which is why I've seen more than one of his women post they tried to leave the industry, couldn't find any help, and then after going on a long drug binge and depression run came back because they couldn't find any help to exit the industry.  That's a set-up to me - like taking a rope away and then without a rope to leave you're just trapped.  But all attempts to have an open referral system within the brothel's Dennis owns have been rebuffed.

I heard Dennis was going to be on KOMP radio and went to speak to the DJ.  I asked if I could come on the show and talk with Dennis on air.  The DJ said if he put me on the show he'd be fired.  I was like "why?".  He told me that the sex industry in Nevada spends a fortune on advertising and if he put me on air to talk about the issue of leaving the sex industry he would be fired.  He said he wanted me on and would see if he would be "allowed" to put me on his private podcast he did outside of the station.  Then he came back a few days later saying his boss said if he interviewed me on even his private podcast he would be fired.  He said it bothered him a lot, and he wanted really bad for me to go on air, but that he couldn't risk losing his job in this economy.  I don't understand - many industries take into account the day they exit - why is this such an issue?  He said that having us talk about our program would just piss off the advertisers who runs places such as the strip clubs and he couldn't.

Now being that since 1996 when I moved to Nevada, we've been the only program that would go and pick up women from anywhere in the state, and take them into a safe house or drug treatment, or back to their families, if they were being trafficked, or if they wanted help to exit the sex industry, and Dennis knows this, and knowing we've offered to help women at his ranch if they needed help, and we've asked to have signs up at his ranches, and we've offered to let him sponsor outreach tours, and we've asked for help on specific cases, and we've even offered to bring in an NA meeting to help the women stay clean while on the job easier, and he's done nothing but refused based on his stated reason being "I spent too much money on recruiting to take any chance of them leaving" - I don't call that "supporting the fight against sex trafficking".

If anything, the only thing blocking someone from obtaining a license to work at the brothel he runs is a prostitution record.  Many victims of trafficking have reported to me they've been "saved" by their criminal record for prostitution otherwise their pimp would have forced them to work up there where they'd never get away from him.  Why?  Name me one pimp or trafficker whose been arrested for running women at any of the legal brothels?  It's very common.  So common I've had bartenders, cooks, madams, tell me sometimes the whole bar is full of men that are are these womens' pimp.  Yep the Cupcake Girls made this bogus claim that a sex worker "can't get a job outside of sex work with a prostitution record" which is completely untrue.   There's even a list of companies online in Nevada that will hire felons - so a misdemeanor for prostitution is nothing.   Yet this Bill makes it to where now all a judge has to do is sign a motion and voila!  They can now expunge that record, and get that license.  Which I've heard over and over and over again how many women have told me they've been forced to go into the license board to get the prostitute license.

If Dennis is sooo against sex trafficking why did he fight our proposal to have an orientation at the licensing office about what sex trafficking was, and where to  call for help if being trafficked before taking out that license?

If Dennis is soooo against sex trafficking, then why did he oppose our proposal that this orientation include the advice from others that when they've tried to leave working at the brothel they've been refused jobs and housing because of them having had a prostitute license.  That women be advised of this very real consequence before taking out the license because all the women we've helped get out of there - not one said they even thought about having trouble finding work down the road because of the license before taking it out.   We had a letter read at the Nevada legislature written by over 50 ex-brothel prostitutes who said they wanted to see others warned in the future about the consequences before they took out that license, and that they be taught what sex trafficking is, along with given the contact information for the hotlines for help if trafficked, and to exit the industry like ours, or for their parents who might not react well to let them know about - and Dennis refused to support any changes to the licensing process to help prevent sex trafficking right there at the licensing office.

That's when the pimp is outside and she can leave.  But no - Dennis did not support the orientation to be held there at the license bureau, nor giving them an opportunity to call for help right then and there before taking out the license.

I watched as Polaris came into Nevada to also try and get the National Trafficking Hotline posted at the license bureau for prostitution - and I saw them back down when Dennis walked into the meeting.  Dennis has in no way supported any distribution of any hotline to women of Nevada, whether our hotline or the National Trafficking Hotline or Children of the Night for juveniles.

When I gave the press conference in 2007 that sex trafficking was being reported to us to exist within the legal brothel industry - I saw Dennis not respond in any way - whether it was denying it or even callng out for measures to get it out of the legal industry.

I have been told that Dennis has supported the busting of "johns" and of illegally working prostitutes with the proviso they be told they can "come up and see me sometime" to frequent there without the hassle of being arrested.   With his women advertising they will go into hotels in Las Vegas - of course he's going to have illegal prostitutes, and johns busted, so they'll want to frequent his legal brothel.  Nothing wrong with that -but be honest and upfront about it Dennis, because I sure don't see any "fighting of sex trafficking" out of you.

Getting rid of your competition to increase your sales, and having women trade one pimp for another who takes only 1/2 of their money ISN'T "fighting sex trafficking" Dennis.   Dennis and Lance Gilman have been working on a campaign to get prostitution legalized in the whole USA, and to get it partnered with the legal medical marijuana business for a while now.  Yes he is an "open book" and his intentions are clear.  No he won't be "caught with a prostitute in a hotel room" but he will be doing everything in his power to make himself some money.

Again, nothing wrong with that.  However, I've still seen madams, strip club owners, even website owners, and porn producers, who have come to me to help sex trafficking victims because they don't want to see anyone FORCED to be in this industry.   I have talked to Dennis about getting an advocate for the women, about putting together an exit plan for them, about creating a pension plan or something for those who do get sick on the job and can't work anymore so they can retire without winding up on SSI or welfare - and he's refused every proposal I've pitched to him about (1) helping trafficking victims leave before they get a brothel license, (2) creating an advocate like a union leader who would fight for the womens' rights, (3) creating an exit program for those who want to leave, especially those who want to leave a bad pimp, so they can leave and retire without winding up on the streets or the welfare dole and he's refused every proposal to help working conditions for these women including even bringing in a weekly NA meeting for those who want to keep their sobriety while working at the ranch.  I've also repeatedly tried to bring in help for Heidi to get some clean time and he's refused to assist in any way.

So be clear - if you have Dennis in the Senate he will be pushing for the expansion of legalized prostitution, and without increasing any of the benefits or safeguards for the working conditions of these women or to expand any of their protections or safeguards.  I explained to Dennis when they wanted to expand into Las Vegas - I was not against the industry.  I was against the fact these women had no protection or safeguards under the law.  One bad date and they catch HIV - and they're going to be out of work, have no health insurance, have no ability to get other work probably, and there are no safeguards put into place to protect them from being harmed on the job even.   He provides no way out for women who have bad pimps up there either.  Take a real good look at his business practices - because just about every brothel he bought up - something weird happened to the previous owner also to force them into  sale .

He also doesn't know the meaning of the word "sexual harassment" on the job either.  Brothel or not - sleeping with the boss to get hired on any job is sexual harassment Dennis.  Good business is also about delivering such a quality product people want to come back - not have your competition terrorized and threatened into fleeing for the heels as seems to be a bit of a pattern here in my opinion.  We saw the way he treated Lamar, and I thought buying up research was something tobacco companies did?