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Friday, April 14, 2017


Sex Workers Anonymous (formerly “Prostitutes Anonymous”)
Jody Williams, Founder and Director
(702) 488-1127 Cell/Text or (888) 629-2002 Toll Free

Every movement starts with one person.  Look for example at the movement to have the Italian “mob” recognized as existing in the USA.  Back in the 1940’s, 1950’s, and even part of the 1960’s – our country did not “officially” recognize the Italian “five families” as existing here in the USA.  While we might have acknowledged the “Black Hand” existed in Italy, even the FBI was officially denying the existence of the “Cosa Nostra” in the USA up to the 1960’s.  It was not until a man, Joe Valachi, started talking to the law about the “family” he was a “soldier” in, thus breaking their code of silence for the first time, did we start to hear about organized crime.

After his memoir was published, Joe testified at Congress, and then a film made with Charles Bronson playing him – things changed.  The racketeering laws were written and passed into law.  After this, once members of the crime family were asked to turn on their brothers “witness protection” was invented to protect their lives after testifying.  Angered at how Italians were being talked about as “criminals”, a prosecutor named Rudolph Giuliani, who was Italian-American, went to the government asking for money for a task force to be formed to focus strictly upon these mobsters.  Then the 1970’s hit film “The Godfather” was made announcing to us this “urban myth” that in fact the Italian mob was “real”.

Why do I know this about the Italian mob?  Because at one point in our history we used to not believe Americans could be “victims of sex trafficking”, nor that this could be happening on American soil.  Victims had even tried to tell the public about this being real such as when Linda Lovelace tried to in her book “Ordeal”, or even Bruce Lee tried in his unedited version of “Enter the Dragon” released in 1973.  Even Elizabeth Taylor tried to talk about sex trafficking, or “white slavery” as it was called back then – all to a public who didn’t believe it was happening.  So we didn’t have any systems set up within law enforcement, nor our mental health fields, to address what was viewed back then as no different then than if someone came forward today saying they were “being kidnapped and sexually violated by little green Martians”.

In order to have a road map on how to get this country to change this view, I studied how we came to believe in the Italian mafia.  Since it started with Joe Valachi stepping up to tell his story – I started stepping up to tell mine in my first national talk show appearance on a Sally Jesse Raphael show in 1987.  I announced on that show I was launching the first hotline in this country for anyone to call for any reason who wanted help to “leave the sex industry”.  Remember, we didn’t even coin the term “sex trafficking” until 13 years later with the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000.  The 12 step program I founded was created to provide the first ever “alternative to incarceration” for these victims so they could stop being treated like criminals.  I also created the first adult “safe house” for victims, along with the first alternative sentencing and diversion programs for those wanting to exit sex work – including those of sex trafficking victims. 

Our program, renamed to Sex Workers Anonymous in 1995, is celebrating 30 years in existence on August 15, 1987.  To date, I’ve answered our hotline to the tune of 500,000 calls from all over the world.  This is five times more calls than Polaris has taken in through the National Trafficking Hotline to date in comparison.  SWA is the only program which is for anyone, male, female or transgender, to be provided with “outpatient” assistance to exit any part of the sex industry, for any reason, including that of sex trafficking.  In 1992, I authored the only book written by survivors for those wanting to exit the industry on recovery ever written.  I’ve also published the only book for family members and loved ones of those exiting the industry, including those trafficked, on how to assist them in helping someone exit the industry, and how to cope with this themselves.  Our program has been researched multiple times by reputable reporters, researchers, and authors who have all written glowing positive reports on the effectiveness of our program.  In 1995, I was the first person certified by the FBI to testify at traffickers’ hearings on the brainwashing techniques employed by them to make their victims “think” they’re acting of their own free will when in fact not. 

Not only did I start the “modern” movement to have sex trafficking recognized as “real” domestically (it had died out in the 1960’s entirely), which resulted in this federal recognition being granted with the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000 – but there is no one in the world who has spoken to more survivors of sex trafficking of all ages, genders, religion, lack of religion, and/or geographic location than myself.  If you ever need a quote from the founder of the largest, oldest, group of a wide range of survivors who started this all – please get in touch with us at the contact information above.  The number of our members currently in our database is 190,000 with 49,000 subscribers to our social media also.

1981     Became the first victim of ring to buy her way out of a “family” of “generational” pimps related to Richard Pryor.

1982     Found herself being forced into what was later dubbed as “Iran Contra” where she witnessed sex trafficking.
1983    Created first “safe house” for adult domestic sex trafficking victims, and those seeking to escape pimps in USA.

1984     Was falsely arrested and accused of “pimping” at a “brothel” which was in fact the “safe house”.

1987     Launched the first hotline for anyone to call who wanted help for any reason to leave any part of sex industry.

1987     Created first ever recovery program for those needing help to exit sex work – including sex trafficking victims.  Told public the program was launched because these “victims needed help, not to be treated as criminals”.

1987     Los Angeles County launched the first “alternative sentencing and diversion” program for prostitutes through Prostitutes Anonymous.  This was the name first given the 12 step program so as to offer an alternative to "incarceration” to those convicted of prostitution who were in reality “sex trafficking victims” under old laws.

1988    Joe Conforte, founder of the first ever legal brothel in Nevada, decided to expand legalized prostitution into California.  He invested over $1,000,000 into a PR firm, and another million into a “rigged” study about HIV/AIDS.  This Bill failed at the end of the year with Jody being his only public opponent during this campaign.

1989    Co-created the “Program for Female Offenders” in Allentown, PA modeled after the Los Angeles program.  Within the first year, this program saved over $1,000,000 and delayed the need to build a new larger jail.  All women who were in this program completed, left prostitution entirely, except two women who were bipolar.

1991    After sponsoring Paige Latin who was originally from Florida into recovery, Jody assisted in creating first Canadian chapter of “Prostitutes Anonymous” with her heading up this chapter.

1992    Paige’s work with Prostitutes Anonymous developed a need for more social services for prostitutes in the area.  SPACE was originally created by Paige, which then developed into PACE -  a harm reduction program.

1992    After interviewing over 4,000 male, female and transgender sex workers from all over the world in recovery,  Jody took interviews from this community and authored the first ever “Recovery Guide” for sex workers/victims.

1995    Jody was certified by the FBI as first person ever to serve as an expert witness in “brainwashing” against pimps.. 

1998    Worked with same 22 US Attorneys who later were fired for “no stated reason” by Bush to aid Americans.

1999    The passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000 was the result of a 13 year long process started back in 1987 by Jody to “raise public awareness” this issue was very real, and laws needed to be created to provide help.  Because major media was refusing to air any content on this subject, Jody “tricked” her way onto TV with “live” cameras by offering to talk about “victimless crimes” and then once the mike was on – telling the truth.

2000    Trafficking Act of 2000 was passed giving sex trafficking a name and federal recognition.

2007    Gave press conference in Nevada sex trafficking was ‘worse” in the state because of legalized prostitution.

2009    Results of 10 year study into Jody’s 12 step program released in “Leaving Prostitution” report to glowing reviews. John Quinones of ABC’s “What Would You Do?” published chapter on Jody in “Heroes Among Us” book.

2012    Beat single-handed campaign to expand legal NV brothels to result in the opening of the “Mob Museum” instead.

2013    Answered the 500,000th call on the Sex Workers Anonymous hotline taking calls from victims worldwide.  Sex Workers Anonymous is now the oldest, and largest, program  of those recovering from sex work in world.


Jody Williams
(702) 488-1127

Curriculum Vitae for Jody Williams

Founding Accomplishments
August 1, 1987 – wrote to Alcoholics Anonymous General Office for permission to adapt “Steps” to the program of “Prostitutes Anonymous”.  Permission was granted.   Formed a “mentor board” of founders from other 12 step programs, people who worked at the head offices of 12 step programs, people who had been sponsored by founders of 12 step programs, and people from the Holocaust Support Group and the Vietnam Veteran's PTSD program to advise me how to run an “effective” 12 step program. 

August 3, 1987 – installed our first 800 number that became our first “hotline” phone for anyone wanting to leave any part of the sex industry to be able to call for help 24/7 and speak to another recovering person who was not connected with law enforcement.  Our hotline has answered over 500,000 calls to date whereas Polaris has answered 70,000 to date according to the article we saw.

August 15, 1987 (Day of Harmonic Convergence) - 1st Prostitutes Anonymous meeting in Tarzana, CA. We had 30 men and women in attendance.  Over ½ of the people in that room that day are still in “recovery” from sex work today that we're personally aware of. 

1987 – started the first ever HIV/AIDS outreach into the sex industry in Los Angeles, California with the support of the CDC, (Center for Disease Control), UCLA, GLASS, (Gay and Lesbian Social Services), Los Angeles Health Department, the LAX Press Newspaper, and COYOTE (Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics).  We were proud to be able to train ex-sex workers who would be present when another was told they were in fact HIV positive.  They would then become that person's “advocate” and guide them to resources we had identified for them for housing, medical, jobs, counseling, food, etc. - anything they might need even if it was just late night coffee to help them ease through the transition of finding out they were “positive”.  Back in the 1980's this was almost always a death sentence within two years at most. 

1988 – Dr. Joyce Wallace had an RV and started distributing clean needles, condoms and our flyers to street prostitutes in New York.  We received a lot of calls from those flyers and still are in regular contact with women who came to us through that outreach project.  Her program transformed into the FROST Project operating in New York today.

1988 – the first “alternative to sentencing” became available to prostitutes in Los Angeles County thanks to a committee put together by then Mayor Tom Bradley, and then Sheriff Sherman Block, and the Los Angeles Commission on the Status of Women using “Prostitutes Anonymous” meetings and ideas they allowed me to present.   This program allowed for early release from jail, and/or to substitute jail time with attending PA meetings for those who had been arrested for their 1st offense for prostitution. 

This dove-tailed into the opening of a special “wing” in the Via Avanta Program in Los Angeles, California whereby pregnant HIV positive prostitutes with children under the age of 18 years old could receive residential treatment while receiving special medical care and while being allowed to keep and raise their children with them in the facility.  This had never been done before and was truly ground-breaking.  We were also able to connect this into a “release” program where we'd have an ex-sex worker pick up women released from jail so they wouldn't have to “walk to the bottom of the hill” known for where pimps used to wait to pick up women who were coming out with nowhere to go. 

1989 – the committee I was asked to be on by then Mayor Tom Bradley to put together the HIV outreach and the alternative to sentencing program for prostitutes developed into the “Los Angeles City AIDS Coordinator's Office” which spearheaded the development of a comprehensive multi-prong effort to combat AIDS. 

After presenting them with enough testimony and research to back up my “points” - the city acknowledged what I was telling them was a barrier to effectively fighting HIV within the sex industry and put the ACO together to overcome these obstacles.  The first being that no sex worker was going to come forward openly for training or testing if they were afraid of being arrested, nor would their clients.  This is why the City Attorney's office got involved.  The second was that if you informed a sex worker they were in fact HIV positive – one couldn't expect them to “shut down shop” immediately because this person still had to pay rent, and especially pay for medical care. 

Since most sex workers don't have private health insurance, and make too much money to qualify for state health insurance – this was a real barrier that had to be addressed.  So they needed to be provided with housing, food and medical while they were going through job re-training.  So the work we started in 1988 developed into what became the ACO in 1989.

August of 1989 – relocated to Allentown, Pennsylvania to help found the “Lehigh County Program for Female Offenders” with Ruth Wernick.  The womens' jail there was holding 2,000 prostitutes in a dorm built to hold only 200.  The program was designed to reduce the number, and recidivism, of female prostitutes there.  A comprehensive program was put together where selected women were moved into a residential home where they attended “Prostitutes Anonymous” meetings, as well as receiving counseling, job training, drug treatment, and parenting classes.  Within a year, we eliminated the need to build a new jail and had decreased the recidivism rate from 87 % to down below 16 %.  Our only “failures” were with the “dual-diagnosed” in the program.  I had to move back to Los Angeles in 1990 because of getting married and pregnant – so I took my hands off the wheel of this project.  It folded but was reborn as the “Program for Women and Children” which in 2007-2009 only had a 20-25 % recidivism rate.  But from reading their website – it looks like they incorporated much of our earlier program which worked then as is working now.  We emphasized viewing exiting the “life” as one the whole family culture had to address if one were to be successful at leaving.  It's almost impossible to give up a life “on the streets” when your mother, or daughter, or aunts, etc. are still “out there”. 

1990 – was asked by Paige Latin, a “sponsee” of mine to help her write a grant to open a crisis drop-in center and residential program for prostitutes to exit the sex industry in Vancouver, Canada.  Evidently one had not existed before – but there was an epidemic of serial killers targeting prostitutes.  The SPACE (Substance and Prostitution Alternatives Counseling and Education) was created because 10 prostitutes were sardined into her studio apartment afraid to “work the streets” because of serial killers. I wrote the program, trained the staff, and the grant applications.  The program was funded and opened in 1991.  Paige had to go visit her ailing father who soon passed in 1992.  It became the PACE program that exists today in 1994.  Paige and I have both removed our names from the PACE program once it was taken over with a “harm reduction” focus instead of an exit focus.   

1991 – incorporated “Prostitutes Anonymous” in California.

1991 – copyrighted the “Prostitutes Anonymous” Recovery Guide “Sold Out”

1991 – James Crossen, PhD, director of the Addictions Studies Program at Mission College in California starts the first ever training program for counselors, therapists, social workers, etc., who work with people trying to recover not only from drug and/or alcohol addiction in his “Addictions Studies” program he founded – but also from the sex industry and/or trafficking.  He added a complimentary course in the “neurology of trauma” to further explain the issues I was addressed from a medical/neurological point of view, as well as how treatment works within the mind and body from a neurological point of view as well.  He also explained how trauma alters one's very neurological system – and any treatment plan must address these changes if it is to work. 

1994 – relocated to Nebraska where we bought property and set up a series of “safe houses” along with half-way transitional housing for those wanting to escape traffickers from the large urban cities. 

1995 – changed name to “Sex Workers Anonymous” after unanimous “group conscience” vote.  Wrote to AA's General Office notifying them of name change and requesting permission to adapt steps to new named program.  They consented. 

1996 – sold the property (our wards had gotten onto their feet and were doing very well) in Nebraska and relocated to Nevada to assist those calling us from the legal brothels needing assistance to escape.  They are not allowed to leave the brothels on foot, and there are no cabs for them to leave with either.  Law enforcement is too spread out in Nevada to be able to reach where the brothels were – so we came to Nevada to be able to pick up those wanting to leave and transition them out of the sex industry.

2006 – assisted Sharnel Silvey, from A Scarlet Covering, to starting the first alternative sentencing project in northern Nevada for prostitutes.  This program operated successfully for a year.  Sharnel had been a madam at the Mustang Ranch legal brothel. 

September 2007 – announced the formation of NCAST and released the findings of the report commissioned by the State Dept. and prepared by Melissa Farley, and myself, entitled “Trafficking in Nevada – Making the Connections”.  This report explored the connection between the legal brothels, and sex industry, and trafficking in Nevada.  I wrote three chapters in the book and presented the findings at the international press conference – as well as at UNLV the next day. 

October 2007 – after disconnecting from NCAST and Melissa Farley - founded “Trafficking and Prostitution Services” as an alternative to handle activities outside the boundaries of what a 12 step program can do appropriately (like how the National Council on Alcoholism was born so AA didn't have to violate their steps and traditions to advance the cause and treatment of alcoholism). 

February of 2013 – George Flynt, the lobbyist for the Nevada Brothels Association, appeared at the Nevada legislature to ask if they could expand into downtown Las Vegas to open more brothels.  We had an SWA member appear after him speaking about her “true life” experiences working at a Nevada legal brothel recently within the last year.  No one else appeared to oppose.  This event was televised and recorded.  The brothels bid was denied.  This poor advocate came home to find her power, TV, cable, internet and phone all disconnected for three days – the same thing which had happened to me
after I'd given our press conference at what connections the legal brothels have to sex trafficking in Nevada.  Within a week she further found everything in her apartment robbed and her life threatened.  She is now living safely in California – still out of the sex industry today.  The Mob Museum went up in the place of where the brothel would have been, along with the arts district and farmers market. 

2013 – started the “Stop Sex Traffick Talk” radio show.  Over 17,000 “listens” to date.

2013 – international Phone Conference Meetings  for Sex Workers Anonymous started weekly. 

2014 – became a 501c3 tax-exempt “non-profit”. 

December 2014 – co-founded “SWAN” the program for parents, spouses, children, and other “loved ones” who care about someone leaving the sex industry and/or a trafficking victim.

TV Appearances (Interviews)
Geraldo Talk Show (4x) Sally Jesse Raphael Talk Show (4x) Jerry Springer Talk Show (3x) Maury Povich Talk Show (2x) Donahue Talk Show Joan Rivers Talk Show (2x) Vicki Lawrence Talk Show Christina Ferrarri Talk Show (2x) Ricki Lake Talk Show

Good Morning America
Good Morning Los Angeles
Good Morning Boston
Good Morning Chicago
60 Minutes
20/20 Inside Edition

TV (Other)
Weekly Cable Series about “Prostitutes Anonymous” in Los Angeles, California and Philadelphia.  In this series – we'd interview a different member of Prostitutes Anonymous each week.

Educational Seminar on Cable about the “neurology of addiction, trauma and prostitution” co-presented with James Crossen, PhD (240 minutes long).  This was for his students at the Addictions Studies program at Mission College.  James and I recorded a weekly talk series on cable TV talking about how to work with men and women coming out of sex work specifically with PTSD and how trauma can mimic “addictive” patterns.

Frances Nuyen, the actress from the Joy Luck Club, recorded our public service announcements for 15 second, 30 second and 60 second TV broadcast commercials, as well as audio commercials. 

Documentary Channel 9 Documentary about “Prostitutes Anonymous” and my life.

Radio Interviews Michael Jackson – ABC National Radio Gloria Allred – ABC National Radio Tom Becca – KOIL Radio (Nebraska)

Live Speaking National Council on Sexual Addiction Convention – Keynote Speaker Sexaholics Anonymous International Convention – Keynote Speaker (2x) Sexaholics Anonymous Philadelphia Convention – Keynote Speaker, Workshop Leader

Narcotics Anonymous Special Conference - Lecturer Radar Institute – Sexual Addiction Student Lecture
UCLA – Human Sexuality and Psychology Lecture (3x) Los Angeles City College – Psychology Lecture Pierce College – Psychology and Criminal Law Lecture (2x) Los Angeles Valley College – Human Sexuality and Psychology Lecture Mission College Addictions Studies – Drug and Alcohol Counselor Students Sybil Brand Institute for Women – Inmate Presentation Lehigh County Womens' Jail – Inmate Presentation Philadelphia Womens' Jail – Inmate Presentation Atlantic City Womens' Jail – Inmate Presentation Via Avanta Residential Program for Women – Client Presentation Tarzana Treatment Center – Client Presentation Cry Help – Client Presentation Impact House – Client Presentation COYOTE – Los Angeles, California Mary Magdalene Project – Los Angeles, California Genesis House – Chicago, Illinois Project Rainbow – Omaha, Nebraska Salvation Army – Atlantic City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Philadelphia UNLV – panel on “Trafficking in Nevada” where I spoke, along with Melissa Farley, PhD, and two members of “Prostitutes Anonymous” (the name they came in with us was PA), who went on to form their own programs to help prostitutes. 

Staff Training Tarzana Treatment Center (Tarzana, Palmdale, Lancaster, Reseda and Long Beach Branches) Impact House (California) Cry Help (California) Lehigh County Program for Female Offenders (Pennsylvania) Corrections Officers – Los Angeles California Corrections Officers – Allentown, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania HIV Testing Site – W. Hollywood, Hollywood, Van Nuys, Northridge, E. Los Angeles and Long Beach

GLASS (Gay and Lesbian Social Services) – Los Angeles, California) Advocate Magazine – W. Hollywood, California “Underground” Gay Men's Bath Houses – San Fernando Valley, California Private Swingers Clubs – California Various strip clubs, peep shows, adult theaters, and incall/outcall services HUD – Los Angeles, California Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Methadone Clinics – Atlantic City, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, and South Central Los Angeles Via Avanta Residential Program for Women – Los Angeles, California

Movies Based on Myself and Work
“Those Secrets” - Blair Brown and Mare Winningham released 1991

“Fighting for my Daughter” starring Lindsey Wagner released 1995

News Interviews Los Angeles, California – Channel 2, 4, 5, 7, 9 and 13 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania –
Channel 7 Atlantic City, New Jersey – Channel 3

Print Articles/Interviews
Playboy – News Release

Chic Magazine – Article

Salon Magazine – Series

 Los Angeles Times, Daily News[JW1] , NY Times, Review Journal, City Life Las Vegas Weekly
Dear Abby, Cindy Adams

Books 1991
Wrote the “Prostitutes Anonymous” Recovery Guide entitled “Sold Out” after interviewing 2,000 men and women, from various countries, including legal and illegal parts of the sex industry, both in and out of the sex industry about the “recovery process”. 

2004 - “The Resurrection of Mary Magdalene” by Jane Schaberg.

2007 – Three chapters on pimps and brainwashing was included in Melissa Farley's book “Trafficking in Nevada” published after her report was done commissioned by the State Dept.

2009 – John Quinones from ABC's “What Would You Do?” flew to Las Vegas, Nevada, where he interviewed me along with members of “Sex Workers Anonymous”, watched how we work and wrote a whole chapter about us in his book “Heroes Among Us”.

2012 - “Girls, Women & Crime” by Lisa Pasko. 

2013 – “Somebody's Daughter” by Julian Sher – has a quote about a program where the clients attend weekly “Prostitutes Anonymous” meetings. 

2014 – Wrote the “SWAN” handbook and updated the “Recovery Guide” for SWA to reflect what we've learned about our program since 1991. 

2014 – Quotes from interviews about “Prostitutes Anonymous” appears in a positive light in the book “Leaving the Sex Industry” by Susan Oselin. 

2014 – “Women, Sex & Addiction” by Charlotte Kasl has a listing to reach our program.
Special Certifications 1996 - Certified by the FBI as an “expert in brain washing by pimps” so I could testify in a trafficking case as to how this pimp had these women convinced they were acting of their own free will when in fact they were not.  The process pimps used to brainwash their victims is almost identical to the process religious cults use to brainwash their members with the addition of the sexual trauma added.  The defendant heard I was testifying and made a plea bargain immediately. 

Special Mention In 1988, Joe Conforte, the owner of the Mustang Ranch legal brothel in Nevada, announced he wanted to open brothels all over California.  Joe was asked if he would create special programs for the prostitutes much like dancers or athletes have.  For example, special workers' comp programs, disability, retirement, and vocational rehabilitation programs.  I also wanted the women to have a “union” with one of their own as a “representative” to advocate for them.  He refused to discuss any of these ideas and put up $1,000,000 into a PR company to make sure he'd “win the vote” of Californians. Because the FCC had a law at the time in place requiring all political issues have a “counter” opinion airing alongside them – all of this TV, radio and print interviews had to be up “against” someone.  No one else would “oppose” Joe but myself – so I was the only one who appeared in any of his interviews “up against” him that year.  When the votes came in – he lost.  So I beat out a million-dollar PR campaign with my mouth!

Joe also was bragging during this year that he had a “study that proved no brothel prostitutes had HIV” during a time when HIV was very much on people's minds in the 1980's.  I however did some digging and discovered that not only had Joe “bought” that research – but it was “rigged”.  The current testing at the time took six months to incubate – however he was testing at only four months’ time with no follow-up testing.  Therefore, no one would show up “positive”.  He stopped bragging about that test after I exposed it a few times for what it was.  Marketing. 



Monday, August 15, 2016


I got a call today from someone telling me they "had been to a Sex Workers Anonymous" meeting at DACCO in Tampa, Florida.  Only we don't have any registration for a meeting in Tampa.  Below is a letter I just sent to their executive director.  This letter applies to anyone running an unregistered meeting of SWA:

Dear Mr. Hampton:

I'm writing to have a talk with you about phone calls we've been receiving.  It seems that someone at your organization has set up a meeting of "Sex Workers Anonymous".  I'm writing to talk to you about helping us find out who is doing this so that we can speak to them about it.  

Please be advised our materials are copyrighted and trademarked.  The reason for this is that our process is different than that of Alcoholics Anonymous, or anything currently taught in drug addiction counseling school or a psychology class.  In fact, NOTHING was working for us in the long term back prior to 1987 (the year we were founded), that was available through existing 12 step programs, nor in traditional counseling.  

We  spent YEARS surveying all existing programs, and also interviewed over 4,000 male and female ex-sex workers across the world, where it was legal and illegal, and also those who abused drugs as well as who didn't.  What we found was a universal failure for us to achieve long term recovery prior to the creation of our program.  In fact, almost all of us "relapsed" before hitting the third year mark.

When we started our program, it was therefore a lot of "trial and error" before we found what DID work for us.  To uncover the process that did work, the research was extensive and expensive.  I had to travel in fact to do my research for this (as this was pre-internet back in the late 1980's), by picking the brains of not only 12 step group founders who were still alive, but also that of experts in things such as PTSD, Stockholm Syndrome, cult brainwashing, etc.  

It took us a lot of "experiments" to find what DID work.  Experiments which were extremely time consuming and expensive.  The result of that work was partially put into our literature which includes our "Recovery Guide" as well as our "Step Working Guide".  However, there are other parts to the process we did not put in the literature, and only provided by experiencing the process or private training.  In fact, I used to offer private training and consultation to many treatment programs who were working with prostitutes up until I had my daughter, and our book was published in 1992.  We then did follow-up research on the programs we provided training to, as well as a control group of those we did not.  We learned that those who followed what we taught had amazing success, while those who did not folded.

I'm going to point you in fact to professor Sharon Oselin's report which was done without our knowledge actually in the book "Leaving Prostitution".  She studied three programs working with prostitutes - one of who was running meetings of ours WITHOUT our involvement at the time of her study.  In this report, she had nothing but good things to say about our program.  The quotes from the women in fact were all saying that our program was the "only way" they were making it in fact.  

I want to point out the two other programs who were not using our process have now folded.  The third one which had been using our model up to that point in time IN connection with our program as a whole - had a break with us.  You see our program isn't encapsulated in one meeting.  We have sponsors all over the world who work with our newer members.  We have a newsletter where all members contribute in some fashion.  Outreach work projects we all connect to in some fashion.  A service structure where we work on international projects together.  In other words, we strongly believe the foundation of our program is based in the first tradition "our common welfare comes first - personal recovery depends upon SWA unity".  

Well "unity" doesn't happen when one meeting is cut off from the rest of the fellowship.  Nor can one be putting "common welfare first" when they aren't also in connection with the rest of the fellowship.  So when the meeting Sharon researched decided to cut off connections with our fellowship as a whole over philosophical differences - they also have folded.  While our program is going stronger than ever.   In fact, ANY meeting that has tried to run a meeting of ours without following our process, which includes connecting to the fellowship as a whole - has failed and subsequently folded.  

Our program in other words, when done as designed, produces results.  We were the first group in fact in history that I could track down anyway, that was producing long term results.  I've got two interviews in fact up on Youtube with two of our members who have been with us since 1992 - once we started finding the process that worked for us. and

In order to try and ensure we maintain "quality control" over our program - we don't offer our literature for sale in bookstores, nor on sites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.  We only have the literature available through our main office in fact.  The reason for that is we are trying to maintain "quality control" over our program.  I say that because when I've heard of groups like was/is being doing at your organization - not only is it not working - but then WE get the bad reputation for that.  Which is exactly the call I got today from a woman.  She reported she'd been to a meeting at DACCO, that she did not get our literature, she didn't get a sponsor through us, she wasn't connected to us as a whole, and she was calling because she was "going nuts".  Now in her case, this woman had enough sense to go online and try and track us down.  However, there are many others who aren't that smart.  Still others witness this process not working - and then we get the blame.  So in other words, this type of thing actually causes us a form of "defamation".  

We've been investigated by researchers, as well as reputable investigative reporters.  Each has found our program is highly effective, and written glowing reports about us.   This is a reputation we treasure highly and are trying to maintain.  We say that because many of our members have tried just about everything else before coming to us so it's like we're the "last hope".  When they see the results we produce - it's something we're very proud of.   But to produce these results - I have to provide the right materials and training to those holding our meetings.  Which is why I've been restricting sale of our materials to our website in order to make sure we maintain this control as much as possible.  

There's more to it than this as I've now updated our original training and materials.  Now having members who have stayed with us for so long - we started noticing some "stage II" issues about 20 years down the road.  In fact, so much of this was a common evolution - we realized that we had to make some adjustments to our process.  We realized that we had many questions in our first "Recovery Guide" published in 1992, that we now had the answers to.  For this reason, we put together the 2nd edition of our "Recovery Guide" which we just finished writing a few months ago.  I'm still proofing it and haven't even put it up for mass sale yet.  It should be ready by next week.  I'm also making sure we have an audio version because we're finding many of our new members have reading issues.  We also make sure new members get a chance to hear to hear from our other members.

Over the years, we've had well-meaning people think that they can just throw together some kind of meeting, call it "Sex Workers Anonymous" or "Prostitutes Anonymous" (our original name), and offer it to their clients without consulting with us, getting our literature from us, or receiving any training from us.   I assure you it doesn't work.  Again, when even this program researched in "Leaving Prostitution" stopped using our process and resources, disconnected from our fellowship as a whole, and isolated their clients from us - it failed to the point where their program also folded after having operated for 30 years.  

So we take this seriously.  Now in 2007 we were approached by the people behind the "end demand" wave going on in this country.  Let me first make one thing clear - the arrest you can read about with me in 1984 was not over a "brothel".  The arrest was because of an angry pimp pissed off because the warehouse was the first "safe house" in this country for what is now called "sex trafficking victims". Yes I put together the first safe house for adult trafficking victims in the USA.  But because of the arrest, I then realized not only did we need to create something "different", but also that I had to do something to raise awareness that sex trafficking was "real".  Especially when the cops couldn't grasp that it was a safe house - and not a "brothel".

Since we were the first hotline in this country to take calls from people wanting to escape sex work - this means we also were getting the first calls from sex trafficking victims.  However, we were having to pay for everything ourselves because these victims weren't getting "victim status" but instead being treated solely as "criminals".  In order to change this, the people were were rescuing joined me in the campaign which resulted in the Trafficking Act of 2000 being passed.  In other words, we started the modern domestic trafficking movement.  We did this in order to stop seeing these victims being denied services.  Much like how at one point in time our society also viewed addicts as "only criminals" and not from a therapeutic point of view like they do now.

However, two years after we achieved this federal recognition, there was a backlash by two factions.  The religious right and those who are the organized sex traffickers.   The traffickers felt they could use these "trafficking" stories to push their agenda to get prostitution legalized in this country (in other words expand brothels outside of Nevada).  They didn't appreciate our approach even though it worked.  They wanted to convert this movement into something like what's happening in New Zealand right now - where sex trafficking is only recognized within the illegal arenas while being ignored in the legal sections of the sex industry.  For example, while signs with the National Trafficking Hotline are now required to be posted all over California - the legal brothels, sex clubs, strip clubs, etc., of Nevada are not.

This faction came to us in 2007 and asked me if we would change our position in Sex Workers Anonymous which is "we have no opinion on outside issues" to that of "condemning prostitution".   In other words, we do not condemn prostitution, pornography, etc.  We don't blame them anymore than AA blames the alcohol industry.  But we were asked if we would in fact take a position against the sex industry.  If we did this, we would not only be violating our very traditions, but we'd also lose our members AND our program wouldn't work.  It works in one part because we address sex work as a "whole" and don't just focus on the single issue of prostitution.  Our members don't come in identifying as "sex trafficking victims" anymore than most at their first AA meeting come in shouting they're an "alcoholic", nor do we want them to identify as "victims" anymore than AA would want their members to identify as "wino's" or "drunks" or NA would want theirs identifying as "junkies".  

When we refused to make this change because of being offered a lot of money, property and prestige - this group (which is well funded) decided to try and run our groups without us the way "they" wanted to.  What happened was this group then set up 10 groups around the USA who were running these "faux" meetings "their" way.  The end result was a three ring circus.  We took a great beating not only to our reputation - but also to our relationships within the sex industry itself.   One of the more publicized groups who did this was Project Rose in Phoenix.  The "Way We Were" is a woman from Phoenix describing what happened to the area after these people came in and took over actually.  

AA would not survive if they came out trying to shut down the alcohol industry.  NA wouldn't survive one minute if they came out attacking the pharmaceutical industry.  What this group did was to try and attack the sex industry while trying to use our meetings to further their agenda.   Up to that point, we were getting a great deal of our referrals from within the sex industry itself.  We had spent YEARS building a good relationship for example with groups such as the AVN.  These people would call us when they saw sex trafficking happening, as well as refer people to us who had decided they needed to quit, and/or those who had legal court issues where they needed to use our program for alternative sentencing purposes.  But when they set up these groups such as Project Rose, and started attacking the sex industry itself, well the industry started attacking us back thinking we were a party to this.

We asked this group to stop this, and to go back to allowing us to run the groups the way we know they work.  As well as use our literature.  They refused and continued on - basically flipping us off.  They even hired some of our "best success cases" to work for them while throwing a great deal of money at them.  We finally had no choice but to come in with attorney's and "cease and desist" orders were issued.  They left us no choice but to shut down these meetings entirely along with threatening legal action we're still considering for damages.   Now it's our understanding their programs couldn't operate without having a 12 step meeting to meet licensing and insurance requirements.  So what resulted was their programs shut down shortly after because they no longer were using 12 step meetings as part of their program.

Needless to say this created a lot of "bad blood" all around because we wouldn't cave.  We had people within the sex industry angry at us thinking we had attacked them when we had not.  Our members they hired had to break off from our program, and this created a lot of internal conflict.  We're not "unique".  Both AA and NA also went the same growth pains.   But the bottom line Mr. Hampton is that our process WORKS.  I can't mess with that. 

Now when I get a call from someone telling me we have another "faux" meeting being held in connection with your program - I already know most people have no idea what's going on.  These people made sure to put on a pretty good act, and even cut us out of the loop pretty well.  I've got a whole large group of people in fact running around thinking that Brenda Myers-Powell is our "founder" even because of these people who are driving the "end demand" campaign.  So I'm sure they probably have no idea that to run one of our meetings - they need to first get ahold of a meeting registration from me, a starter kit, and to get some basic training in how our process works in order to not be in breach of our copyrights and trademarks over our intellectual property.  

But the end result of that is I get a call from someone today telling me they THINK they've "been to one of our meetings" and they further report they don't have our literature, haven't been told what our process is, haven't seen the results they can achieve working our program, etc.  

I think it's wonderful someone wants to run one of our meetings there.  But I need your help to get in touch with the person who is doing this.  I need to get them our materials, register the meeting in our directory, connect them to our other Tampa members, and get them trained in our process so that they can start producing some high quality results within that group.  

One thing - is for adult men and women.

We created for juveniles.

We also have for family members (like Alanon).

Now since I answer our hotline until about 5 am, I don't tend to answer the phone until after 3 pm eastern time (noon my time).  So please ask whoever is in charge of our group there to please contact me at this email or to call me at (702) 488-1127 after 3 pm eastern time.  

Also, I've just got in our Spanish translation of our materials.  Again, I'm working on formatting right now and we will have an updated material list available within a few days.  
Jody Williams
(702) 488-1127 Cell Phone

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


I read this article today by Bradley Myles of Polaris about how he's "discovered a town where pimps are raised". My first instinct was to call Bradley. Only I know from many many past attempts to communicate with him about this article he won't return my calls or answer my emails. In fact, not one of my attempts have been responded to. Shame. Maybe if he were to consider opening up a dialogue with someone who is not only a survivor of American sex trafficking, but also the founder of the oldest and largest group of recovering survivors of the sex industry he wouldn't be sounding in this article so shocked by what he saw down in Tenancingo, Mexico. Because this sort of thing is not only nothing new – it's the sort of thing that was part of my story and it's going on right now in the United States.

Maybe if he wasn't spending his time talking to “faux survivors” like Samoly Mam, Chong Kim, or Wilthema Ortiz Pettigrew he might have heard about this sort of thing before now. These are just but some of the names that are being paraded around luncheons, fund raisers and the media by a group of powerful people trying very hard to convince America the sex industry and sex trafficking are one in the same so they can pass some laws, advance their careers, line their pockets, and increase their social ranking by exploiting us without even giving us the common respect of returning our phone calls while saying how much they care about us.

For those of you who don't know – Bradley Myles is not a survivor, neither is his wife. That I'm aware of anyway.  The National Trafficking Hotline they formed was launched in 2002.  A report I read last month stated they've answered collectively about 100,000 calls to date.  I don't know how many of those calls Mr. Myles has taken personally but I don't think he answers the hotline himself.

I answer our hotline personally and when ours was launched in 1987 I didn't have  choice but to be the person answering the hotline.  You know why?  Because people who had not witnessed what goes on in "the life" don't believe you when you describe this world.   So who else was going to launch the hotline but me? Besides – I'm the one who got the “call” (wink wink). If you don't know what I mean by that – you can read John Quinones' interview with me about how our work got started and why in more depth.

That outsiders didn't believe us was proven to be the case when Linda Lovelace released her book "Ordeal" in 1980 to audiences on talk shows yelling "boo" and "liar" or "crazy" at her for revealing she had been forced to film "Deep Throat" while her pimp pointed a gun at her head from off-camera.

I read somewhere that Polaris brought in about $10 million dollars in grants and donations last year. You know how the first hotline for adults who wanted help of any kind to leave for any reason in this country got off the ground? We didn't have money for commercial answering services in 1987.   There were not grants or fund raisers because again NO ONE BELIEVED US except a few insiders who knew these things to be true. Again, Lois had opened up Children of the Night for the teens. I already got smacked for opening the first safe house for adults in 1984 by getting arrested. Been there done that. So I was going to go the “outpatient” route now.

Which meant paying a fortune to have an 800 number.  Back in 1987 we didn't have VOIP or internet.  Meaning I had to have a landline phone to get an 800 phone number.  To get an 800 phone number, one had to have a business phone.  To get a business phone, one had to have an office.   The phone company wouldn't install business phones in residential property. So I was paying $100 a month for the office, another $100 a month for the phone, and then $1.00 a minute for the incoming calls.  Our monthly phone bills were over $1000 a month.  I had to work two jobs to keep on our hotline. Children of the Night was able to get the bills paid for the kids through social services because they were kids. But for adults to have a hotline – I took out a second job.  

We were the only hotline there was to call if you were over 18 years of age.  Meaning if you were being held captive by your pimp handcuffing you to the bed and you managed to break free one night and escaped by running down the streets with no clothes on to a pay phone to call us for help - we were who you called.  

We had to help because victim services didn't recognize us as victims, hospitals refused to admit us, domestic violence and homeless shelters refused us, and there was not one single safe house for us anywhere in the country if you were over 18 years of age back then.   Do you have any idea what it's like to be told there's no “place for you” at a homeless shelter? Or to be like the woman I took in back in 1984 – she had a broken arm, a broken nose and two black eyes but the domestic violence shelters refused to take her?

So if a porn performer found out she/he was HIV/AIDS positive and couldn't work in the industry any longer - we'd get the call. There were posters up at HIV testing sites saying “if you want help to quit the sex industry for any reason – call XXX”. Before the Telecommunications Act of 1995 – we had PSA's with Frances Nuyen running all night on TV and cable where she'd say “do you want help to leave? Call XXX-XXXX” and it was that simple (we didn't want to upset anyone either so we kept it simple).

 When Jeane Palfrey, the DC Madam, was arrested and had her name and face plastered all over the internet so she couldn't run a service any longer - we got the call. She was a trafficking victim – but not one that could call the Trafficking Hotline.  Just as we got the call from a woman whose pimp threw her out of the car while it was going 75 mph when she told him she was pregnant and wanted to quit.  Just as we got the call from a hotel room where one woman had knocked out her pimp with the iron from the room so she could break free.  We had to get her out of there before he woke up.  Could we have called the police?  They would have charged her with assault probably so the answer is we thought it was better to get her out of there first.

We launched our hotline because sex workers had nowhere to go for help.  We couldn't go to the police or the mental health professionals because we'd either incriminate ourselves, or not be believed, let alone helped.   Back in the 1980's we were even turned away from hospitals, homeless and domestic violence shelters.  We welcomed calls from anyone in any part of sex work for any reason because if we turned our back on them - it could mean a potential death literally of someone.

 We didn't have federal recognition so there were no victim services.  We didn't have trafficking task forces either.  It was because there was nothing in the way of other resources I plugged in that hotline, took on two jobs, and tied myself to a 100 foot extension phone cord day and night so that we would have somewhere to call for help.  I didn't have the luxury I might add of making distinctions between who I helped by saying our hotline was ONLY for “trafficking victims”. In other words, if you needed help to leave for ANY reason – you called us then as you can call us now. The line of who is a trafficking victim vs. who isn't is in reality a very blurry one sometimes that can take sometimes years to figure out in reality.

Which means I've witnessed and experienced the sex industry from many levels while I was in that world in the late  70's and early 80's.  In fact, I've have answered an estimated 500,000 calls into our hotline from 1987 to 2014. I mean by that I've  personally answered those calls myself to protect callers  anonymity and confidentiality.  I also couldn't hire a professional answering service - because commercial services all refused to take incoming calls of such a volatile nature.  No one wants the legal responsibility or liability should someone sue.  Which by the way - no one has filed any lawsuits against us for doing bad work to date. 

We don't refer women who call us over to law enforcement except in a few rare cases. In the world where Bradley Myles lives the cops are who you call for help. That's not my world nor the world many sex workers, nor those who are trafficking victims live in. Why? Because sometimes the very person they're running from is law enforcement. I point you to the Chris Butler case where I was having to help women escape active duty highly respected police officers who also happened to own massage parlors where they were also selling drugs they'd taken from the evidence rooms. I can also assure you Oklahoma prostitutes were aware of Daniel Holtzclaw before news of him reached the press.

Maybe it's because our current legal system isn't set up properly to protect us from the enemy. Margo Compton tried to stop a domestic trafficking ring by going to the authorities to inform on a ring being run by the Hell's Angel's. While she was testifying against over 180 traffickers – her and her twin daughters were savagely murdered in her home. They were left in her home because safe houses for trafficking victims aren't set up to take in women with their children. She testified before the Trafficking Act of 2000 was passed - so the police couldn't authorize an officer to guard her at the house. The message was sent – testify against us and you die.

A recent article in the Guardian proves also what I've been saying – these women aren't safe even in jail as a form of protective custody. Not when the guards in the Kern County jail were sexually abusing the female inmates there so routinely they had a standard contract they were offering the women not to sue in exchange for $200 and a bag of chips. Silence can be bought cheap in Kern County when you're afraid to say “no” to a cop anyway.

Leaving the sex industry, whether a trafficking victim or not, often means entering drug treatment. Not being us, Bradley also doesn't understand we can't just hand out referrals to just any drug treatment program without having carefully checked them out first either from our point of view. Why? Show me one case of rape that's been won where the victim is a prostitute in this country. Along with prostitutes telling me stories of being raped by “johns”, pimps, and cops – I've also heard 1000's of stories of them being raped by drug counselors - Just like this director said “why believe the word of a junkie prostitute?” So we don't just refer prostitutes into “just any” drug treatment program unless we've checked them out from OUR point of view first.

One of the reasons why we like to have one of our members go to court with each other is because we can even find ourselves raped right in the courtroom – and I don't mean figuratively. You'll notice in this case the courtroom staff just looked the other way while this woman was being abused. I don't know if the victim was a prostitute or not – but does it matter?

I'm glad Bradley is waking up and realizing young boys are groomed to be pimps and they need to be factored into the equation when it comes to helping the victims of sex trafficking in Tenancingo, Mexico.  Only Bradley - it's going on in Mexico TOO - Tenancingo is not a pocket or an anomaly.  Nor is it anything new either.  

Not only is this something going on right under our noses right here in the United States both back in the 1970's when I was first witnessing it - but it has EXPLODED on our school grounds across this country to the point there are security guards, and high school principals and teachers, all having back room meetings right now trying to figure out how to keep these pimps off campus legally without finding themselves the victim of some kind of lawsuit for "racial profiling".  

When my daughter was eight years old in a Las Vegas school she had a pimp HER AGE trying to recruit her to work for him.  In her case however she just laughed and brushed him aside because my daughter knew better.   So please stop trying to make us think this kind of thing is going on "elsewhere" when in reality it's going on right in our own back yard and it's going on right now.

To go back to when I was first "turned out" in Tarzana, California - I knew about "boys being groomed into pimps" when the "family" that lured me into sex work was the same family Richard Pryor speaks about when he talks about his mother working in his grandmother's brothel.  In that "family", the young women worked as prostitutes, but they were trained and groomed in "the game" by their mothers and grandmothers.  

Then when they became older, or got sick or injured, they too would graduate up to madaming like they'd seen their mom and grandmother did.    This allowed them to stay in the "game" their whole lives.  Meaning the young girls were raised up in the "game" from birth on.  This way literally you could be in prostitution not as a “job” but as a “life” hence the term “in the life”. It was a “way of life” you choose for yourself, your family, your children, and you stayed in it from cradle to grave. This is one of the differences between one of these who are “in the life” and someone who views the sex industry as a “career” or a “vocation”. Those in the “life” also feel it's a personal identity as to who you are – not again just a job title – that's why it's called “the life”.

I remember the first family BBQ I went to where the young girls as young as five were being taught how to "trick" for quarters in exchange for dancing while the adults coached.   The boys in this family were taught how to be drug dealers and pimps.  To train them to be pimps they were first worked as prostitutes also. In other words the boys were taught not to give their quarters to the girls to dance because that made them “tricks”. The boys were taught they had really “won the game” when they could get the girls to spend their quarters on them.  The boys would engage in prostitution at a young age by doing live sex shows and/or pornography with the other young girls so no "statutory rape" occurred.  

Rock, the young man who was my age, was paired with me because he didn't want to pimp.  He preferred to be a drug dealer which was a choice the men were given. I had to take care of a man in the family to be admitted into the inner circle – so I took care of Rock. I didn't want a pimp – so I let him have his own room and he dealt out of that room.  Some young men eager to start pimping as soon as possible would often be given transgender or older prostitutes who would actually groom them in how to pimp them.  Yes you heard me - the older women would train the teen pimps in how to pimp on them like "training wheels" for when they moved on as they got older.  

The average age a man starts becoming a pimp is 13 years of age.  I invite you to listen to a man talking about going out to learn "the game" at this young age.  I invite you to listen to Aubrey speak about how her boyfriend/pimp turned her out at 13 years old while being taught how to do so by his father raping her while he watched.  Sort of "hands on" training in rape and "turn out 101" for pimps.

I invite you to look at the relationship between Montana Fishburne and Jeremy Pipes.  This couple met online and were in school together.  They are about the same age.  To the outside world they looked like “high school sweethearts”.

The day Montana turned 18 years old, she was tired of being arrested for prostitution.  Jeremy marched her into the Vivid offices the day she turned 18 years old to sign a XXX film contract.   Snoop Dogg confessed to "pimping across the USA" during his 2003 tour in Rolling Stone.  The "johns" were NFL players.  After Montana's film debut, all kinds of athletes were hitting her up on twitter for "personal training sessions".  

She wasn't walking the streets any longer - but I assure you she was in the sex industry.  She wasn't being "trafficked" either.  Montana was being pimped.  There is a difference.   That difference and how pimps brainwash their victims is what I was certified by the FBI to testify about as an expert witness because a true pimp rarely uses force or threats.  These are facts that are being left out of many of these new trafficking laws and I'm finding that very frustrating.

Why don't “real pimps” threaten or coerce their victims?  Doesn't last. If you scared some one bad enough – then they'll find a way to leave. If they leave – game over. The “trick” is to get the victim to do it over and over, willingly, gladly, and then sign up for more. Think Hitler. People didn't get on the trains thinking they were going to be gassed – but because they believed they were going to get jobs.  

We're talking a generational culture for life some people are raised within.  These people aren't operating out of fear - but are "supporting the family" in their minds;.  This is also why when you train people like cops and social workers to come at a prostitute with this concept and attitude like "you poor victim of trafficking" they will look at you like you're speaking a foreign language.   They're not “victims” in their minds (these types of victims). In their minds they feel loved and cared for in fact.

I know - I speak to them almost weekly now.  The social workers, probation officers, cops, therapists, etc., who are being taught in trainings (I was excluded from designing by the way) to approach this person like "you poor victim of trafficking" where there is this villain supposedly over them exploiting them, forcing them, harming them, deceiving them, etc. they need to be "saved" from tell me "the prostitute just looks at me like I'm speaking Martian" because if this person was raised in this culture then you are speaking Martian to them.  The person over them isn't a "trafficker" but may be their mother, father, husband, boyfriend, brother, or even child in their mind.

They aren't being "exploited" - they're "taking care of the family".  They aren't being threatened - they are "willingly giving" in their mind.  Listen to this interview with a SWA member - This single mother feels she was putting her daughter through school without the burden of school loans over her head. If you talk to her about being a “victim” she won't know what you're talking about.

They aren't being "controlled" - they're being "cared for" or they're “caring for” someone else.  Now again is this every single prostitute?  Absolutely not.  There are of course victims who are being handcuffed to toilets like the one I pulled out of a house in Las Vegas and being told their family will be murdered if they don't comply to turning tricks without objection and all the money goes right into the hands of the trafficker. Every case is different and that's my point here.

The people behind this “No Such Thing” campaign are so focused on trying to brainwash all of us into believing there's only one type of victim, and one type of experience, as well there's only one type of “trafficker” that they are literally saying there is “no such thing” as something that does exist. It's actually a form of mind control they're trying to use on us so we don't see the problems that do exist right here under our own noses.

Because of the “No Such Thing” campaign, they did in fact just make a whole group of people disappear for 2015 – that of juvenile prostitutes. Go on and ask for the report for the number of juvenile prostitutes arrested for 2015 in Los Angeles and you'll see a big fat zero. Only one big problem with that. In California, it's the law that if you're found guilty of prostitution you have to be tested for HIV/AIDS. Juveniles included. Now if you're tested for HIV/AIDS under a prostitution charge the result are sent to the CDC. This way if you're found positive the state knows about it if you continue to prostitute because they'll call it “attempted murder”. Now for 2015 there are not only no numbers for the number of juvenile prostitutes in Los Angeles (a statistic needed in order to be able to allocate financial resources for them by the way) – but we now have no idea what the HIV/AIDS rates are either for the year.

As I'm writing this “Enter the Dragon” is on TV. This is a Bruce Lee movie from 1973. In the back story of the film – we see both sex and human trafficking that clearly Bruce Lee was trying to tell the audience existed back then. I was 13 years old then and growing up I was told that “white slavery” didn't exist any more when this film was released. Because I was told this, when I walked into the nightclub a few years later that this family had bought to launder their criminal money I was completely unprepared for what they brainwashed me into.

I walked into what appeared to be a normal family culture. Raised by a single mentally ill mother I had no other reference to go by to tell me any differently. When the police were trying to shut them down they countered with they were only being harassed because the cops were “racist”. Looking back now I know the cops who tried to pull me out of there and warn me what was happening to me weren't racist. But this family had generations of time to perfect their brainwashing and I assure you a few yoga classes wouldn't have pulled me out of there.

What I'm trying to say is the sex industry is just that – an industry. Like any industry there are many different cultures within it. Within that industry there also exists sex trafficking. There are many different types of trafficking, many different types of cultures, and a wide variety of pimps and traffickers. Not everyone in the sex industry is having sex and some pimps don't use force but in fact love. Now until those who say they want to do something to help this community want to start listening to this community – then we're going to continue to have men like Bradley running the largest non-survivor run nonprofit in this country acting surprised to come upon a culture that not only has been there all along, but also has been in this country since before he was born as well. You can't begin to solve a problem either until you understand that problem which you won't until you start talking to it's victims. ALL of it's victims – not just a few hand selected ones.

All those women who were raped by Bill Cosby existed but the world would not acknowledge them sadly until Hannibul Buress acknowledged them, a man. Once he did however, we have gained a lot of powerful preventive knowledge. I don't think women will be accepting a cup of coffee on auditions anymore now. Sex Workers Anonymous also exists, but I don't think until Bradley acknowledges us will the world acknowledge us either. Shame because there's also a lot of knowledge that we could gain now by realizing we have cultures right here in the USA today who are also not only raising their young boys to be pimps, but also their daughters to be prostitutes as well. Just like when Bruce Lee came out with “Enter the Dragon” though - maybe we're not ready for that dialogue yet.