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Tuesday, June 13, 2017


I've been the shoulder many women have cried on about the working conditions up at the legal brothels.  I've also seen how things have taken a very dark turn since about 2007 with the industry itself.  Including how many of you have been actively "persuaded" not to go to the press, if they'd listen to you, about your experiences.

It seems the union is trying to expand into the industry in Nevada according to Jennifer O'Hare who opened up a brothel herself supposedly to be in "competition" with the male run brothels up in the region.  She's also had some very serious accusations she's made against other brothel owners.

I told her I'd put it out there to you as our members if you want to come forward and talk about your experiences up there with the idea of changing working conditions.  I know some of you have been seriously threatened and I myself have had to relocate many of you outside of Nevada entirely.  But nothing changes until it's had a light shined upon it.  Sometimes yes at great cost to those of us turning on that flashlight.  So I don't blame any of you for not wanting to talk about these issues.  I'm not even convinced myself this whole thing isn't just some way to flush you out of the bushes before Dennis Hof runs for the Senate.

If you want to talk about this, then I'm going to advise you to come to me first and let me have you consult with one of our trusted attorney's who can advise you of any legal repercussions you have to be aware of or careful about first, and ways to protect yourself from retaliation.  Today's gangsters use lawyers as we well know!

You know how to reach me if you want to talk about this more.

Saturday, January 28, 2017


When we gave the press conference in 2007 (read about here at about how sex trafficking was at the highest in the country because of the legalized sex industry there, which includes the legal brothels, in Nevada - one of the arguments heard back was that the legal industry is responsible for Nevada's low number of rapes.

However, there ISN'T a low number of rapes in Nevada is there?  There is however two things that are being juggled in Nevada to try and defend legalized prostitution.  Rape and HIV/AIDS infection.  So you want to make your rape numbers look low?

Just don't test the rape kits.  Not only does that make it APPEAR Nevada doesn't have a high number of rapes in the state,  but it also gets you paid!

To reward the Attorney General for NOT  testing rape kits, she got $1.7 MILLION DOLLARS to test these kits!  Wow.  What brilliant strategy!  Don't test the rape kits, don't prosecute the rapists, claim you have one of the lowest rate statistics in the country, and you actually get PAID for this!

Nevada also only tests for HIV/AIDS in prostitutes when they're arrested for prostitution charges.  So what does Nevada do to hide these numbers?  They DON'T ARREST prostitutes!  No - what they do is hold them for 24 to 48 hours and then release them without charges.  So it makes it appear they don't exist.  Only they do exist and they are costing the state money for each day they're held.  But without charging them, then we don't know what the actual HIV/AIDS rate is among Nevada prostitutes.

Unless tested when arrested, a woman's HIV/AIDS statis is private and therefore the state has no numbers to know how many of the Nevada sex workers actually have HIV/AIDS.   Now if they're negative when getting a prostitute license - that still isn't going to tell us much considering the virus can take up to 15 years to show up on a blood test.

Oh and this "Swedish Model" that these people have been cramming down our throat?  Have you seen the Swedish rape statistics lately?  An 11 percent increase this year.

One thing - Sweden isn't a capitalist society.  In America some men and women are engaging in prostitution to eat.  Why are we trying to copy a prostitution model from a country that isn't a capitalist one?  If people aren't in a position where they don't eat - I don't think you can compare the two systems without adding in that tiny little factor that some American men and women are engaging in sex work purely to feed their kids.

But I got to hand it to Catherine Cortez-Masto - don't test the rape kits and get paid over a million bucks for allowing cases to go cold.  Allow the rapist time to leave the state.  Brilliant - just brilliant.  What I don't understand is if legalized prostitution is so good - why is the state having to literally manipulate the women of the state like this just to juggle the numbers in it's favor?

Friday, January 20, 2017


I created the first hotline in this country for adults to call for help to leave the sex industry back in 1987. I didn't want to just take calls for help without providing help so I created the 12 step program "Prostitutes Anonymous" as part of trying to make help more available than it was back then. Realize in Los Angeles in the 1980's, we had a record number of serial killers high on cocaine who were kidnapping, raping, beating, torturing, and then raping us without anyone lifting one finger to stop them.

Why? Because the legal system viewed us as "criminals" that's why. Literally. I took a woman who had been stabbed 51 times into the Hillside Strangler Task Force while her stitches were still fresh to file a report against the two cousins, actually two pimps, about what they'd just done to her. They threw us out of their offices saying they "couldn't get a warrant based on the world of a whore"?

When I asked why this was the case, he explained to obtain a warrant there has to be "credible" evidence. Our testimony as criminals is therefore considered worthless. He explained this would mean any evidence they're then find would actually be in danger of being ruled as "inadmissible" for that reason. The courts viewed the word of a prostitute back then on the same level as that of a murderer, rapist, or even bank robber in that we were considered then 100 % "criminals".

This bugged me because I knew lots of women who were being literally forced into prostitution. One woman I knew had a pimp who would threatened to cut off her six year old daughter's arm if she didn't return home each evening. One night this woman got caught in a raid and the police detained her all day. She kept trying to tell the police he was threatening to harm her baby if she didn''t get back home by a certain hour. They weren't listening and when she finally returned home - he had in fact cut off her daughter's arm. Now I ask you - how is that woman a "criminal" in the eyes of the law?

We didn't have the term "sex trafficking" back then. All we had was the terms for "white slavery", "forced" and "pimping". So when I launched our hotline and program for people like her to get some help because clearly the system wasn't going to help us. Because of the HIV/AIDS epidemic at that time, we couldn't even get admitted into a homeless shelter, detox or domestic violence shelter for fear of either contracting the virus, or worse still being afraid our pimp would show up with guns threatening to kill someone if we didn't come back to working for him and give him all our money. So on one hand, we're being completely targeted by pimps, bandits, rapists and murderers, while the system is refusing to provide us with anything other than treating us like we're the criminals! Well something had to give and I set out to provide us with some help ourselves since no one else would back then. The attitude was "you're over 18 so you should be able to take care of yourself". Meaning it was our fault we needed help was the message.

Now when I started our program in 1987 - we had to do outreach by foot and word of mouth. I'd run PSA's on TV at 2:00 a.m. with our hotline phone number. I took out ads in the hooker papers with our hotline #. I went on local news shows and gave out our hotline phone #. We'd hit the streets where the hookers were targeting and pass out our business cards.

Back then if someone went missing, we had to go out on foot and look. If we heard of a teen missing in the LA area for example - then there were certain spots where teenagers would be generally hooking. We'd have to go there and look for that kid on foot in other words. We'd ask the local pimps if they'd seen this kid. If I got a call about someone missing in say San Francisco - then I'd call up the members of our program in SF and ask them to go out pounding the pavement and talking to the local pimps to see if we could find this person.

The sex industry is a small world. Pimps know that and it's easy to find someone if they're hooking with a few phone calls. Their "convention" was the "Pimp N Ho Ball" which used to be held to celebrate Bishop Don Juan's birthday. Pimps would get together and exchange phone numbers and this way there was a network spanning the globe which could pretty find anyone in a short time.

Which is why when we got a call from a mom in Canada back in the early 1990's asking for help to find her daughter, I suggested she try to first go to the red light districts and look around. Now no one from the industry would talk to her as that would get them harmed by the pimp for talking to someone without being paid. I told her if that failed, then she could consider a trick I've used before (no pun intended). Which is to dress herself up like a hooker herself and go out there pretending she was one of them. I told her with time, they'd trust her and then they'd tell her where her daughter was.

Well that worked. Her and her daughter went onto a Sally Jesse Raphael talk show and told the world how we helped her find her daughter with our hotline and advice. After the show, producers came up and offered to make a movie about the whole thing. We agreed on the condition they promote our hotline at the end of the film. It came out in 1995 and had Lindsey Wagner playing the mom.

Now you'd think we'd get a lot of attention over the fact we'd helped her find her daughter right? WRONG.

Anyway, the internet was then born. I loved it. If a mom called me up with her daughter missing, I was able to take her photo and usually after a few hours of searching to find an ad which matched on Craigslist - I'd find the kid. We started finding a LOT of kids that way. We'd then get some guy to pretend to be a "john" or customer and set up an appointment to see the girl. Then we'd have the mom or parents there to make sure it was her when the girl arrived and that was it. Let's face it - if a kid is running away to be a prostitute then the parents usually don't have money to hire a private detective. They were calling us and usually by bedtime we'd have the kid back home.

But you know this upsets a lot of people. Private investigators who aren't getting their retainers are upset for one thing. But whatever the reason, you'd think people would be happy we were helping parents to find their kids and get them back home safe and sound right?

I remember the phone call. A guy called me up asking me to join him in "shutting down Craigslist". I said "why"? and he said "because they're promoting sex trafficking. I explained to him case after case where just as it was - this site was helping a lot of people find their kids. No matter what I said about how many kids we were finding on this site and to leave it be just as it was - he just kept trying to convince me we had to "shut down Craigslist".

I was mortified. I tried everything I could think of to fight these people from they were doing and they weren't listening. The more I said this was helping us find these kids and to leave it alone - the more they kept insisting it had to go. Of course I'd see them shut down the sections for a time and the only thing which happened as they moved their ads to various other sites. You don't change one damn thing by attacking the ads for God's sake. You just make it go farther underground.

Which is exactly what they did. Once the real true traffickers found out cops were obtaining their IP address, getting their location, payment information, phone number, photos, etc., off ads on Craigslist - guess what? THEY STOPPED USING IT.

Organized sex trafficking criminal organizations stopped using them. Sure independent sex workers kept using their ads. Drug addicts used their ads. Desperate single mothers who needed money to buy diapers would use their ads. But the organized trafficking operations in this country just took everything off the internet and went back to "old school" ways. Meaning strip clubs, massage parlors, sex clubs, etc.

Meaning places you couldn't get into without paying a cover charge. Now how am I going to get into a massage parlor in Florida when I'm in Los Angeles now with what these idiots just did? I can't. I can call up a few pimps I know of in the area, and ask them if they've seen this kid - but pretty much the only way to find one of them now if they're actually being trafficked is to go into these clubs, massage parlors, parties, etc. Now that's IF you can even get in. Some of these places aren't going to let anyone in who doesn't look like a "john". We don't have that kind of time either. I'm not a private investigator. It's one thing to go look online for a few hours at ads. It's another to go into a massage parlor and try and get a look at all of the girls there to see if you recognize them from a picture.

And then what? Operation Dollhouse Las Vegas 2007. These women were being kept in a private home. The only ones allowed into the house were Mandarin speaking Chinese men coming out of the Las Vegas airport with tickets showing they'd just flown in from China. The cab drivers were able to speak Mandarin and identify these men at the airport. Only they were allowed into the houses to keep out any cops, or even "rescuers" like us. So getting access to help these victims is much harder when they're not advertising on sites like Craigslist.

Now remember Hitler gained control over the media for his propaganda by coming out against the pornographers first. He claimed he was "saving the children" by shutting down or controlling media. It was all a smoke screen to get control over independent media.

I have watched this whole Craigslist and Backpage war and it has NOTHING to do with "fighting sex trafficking". The people behind this fight refuse to speak to me about the fact what they're doing makes it harder to get help to victims. In fact, I started noticing they REALLY didn't care about helping trafficking victims.

Which got me wondering WTF? Could this be a smoke screen like what Hitler did?

There are two sides to the sex industry - the legal side that's connected to sex trafficking and organized crime and the illegal independent side. Now if you operate a legal brothel out of Nevada then who is your competitor? The illegal prostitute. Why would a guy drive an hour up to the Bunny Ranch and pay a sizable amount to see a woman there when there's a woman sitting right at the bar right then and there he can invite up to his hotel room instead? People aren't realizing the sex industry IS an "industry".

So you're Dennis Hof or Lance Gilman and you are losing business behind those girls sitting at the bar picking off your customers like flies. What do you do? Go after them and arrest them to stop your competition,

Okay, how do you get the police to give a damn about your competitors? Do you really think Metro is going to go busting prostitutes sitting at bars when they have murderers and rapists and bank robbers to pursue? Most people consider arresting prostitutes as a waste of police resources. They will tell you "why are you chasing prostitutes when there's rapists out there you need to be catching?"

So the police look stupid chasing after prostitutes when there's so many bad guys out there the public wants you to put your police resources on.

Meaning how do you get the police force to go out there and arrest your competition? By saying it's your competition? Oh hell no that won't fly. But what if you put it in the guise of you're trying to "save these women from sex traffickers" and then everyone gets a hero award and applause.

I have sat back and "followed the money" and seen what's really going on here. Katherine Chon and Derek Ellerman cowrote a report which shut down Rhode Island's legal prostitution. They framed shutting down the legal prostitution there as "saving sex trafficking victims".
BUT Rhode Island was the only competition in this country to the Nevada legal brothels. Yet they were the first thing Katherine Chon went after. Derek Ellerman "got his start from Ron Paul". Ron Paul has Dennis Hof donating him money all the time. Chon is married to Bradley Myles, and they are the founders of Polaris who runs the National Trafficking Hotline. Chon oversees all of the federal grant money for sex trafficking operations, and her husband gets a lion's share of that money out of every grant because they use their hotline for each trafficking project - not Sex Workers Anonymous".

So think about this - why was it the FIRST thing Chon and Ellerman did was to shut down Nevada's competition in the name of "saving trafficking victims"? There are direct financial links right down the line to show what's going on here.'

Including the fact Polaris won't do a thing to promote our hotline which takes calls not just from trafficking victims as they're called now, but from anyone who wants to quit any part of prostitution for any reason.

Meaning they don't take calls from someone at the legal brothels who wants help to leave. But we do and we're being completely shut out of the very movement we founded. We are the reason the Trafficking Act of 2000 was passed - two years before Polaris was even founded.

How else would the Nevada brothels have shut down their competition in Rhode Island if not for what Polaris did to make it appear to be about "fighting sex trafficking"?

The men who own Backpage right now also own legal brothels in Amsterdam. Their competition is the independent sex worker. So a year ago Black Walnut Holdings buys out the Village Voice and thus Backpage. In other words, they bought the advertising site for their competitors.

And then they shut them down and blamed the courts for "censoring" them. Further asking for donations to "fight the good fight against censorship". They've also changed the law to where someone can now set up an account and send legal prostitutes on "out dates". Meaning all those women who now can't advertise their illegal prostitution services on Backpage, can now come to work for the legal brothels and give them 1/2.


But not a damn thing to do with helping child sex trafficking victims.

Monday, November 28, 2016


Note the comments below - people are seeing straight through this "inphomercial" for the legal brothels of Nevada. Let me ask you something - how honest would you be talking to the press about your job and your boss and co-workers if they're all standing right next to you at the time of the interview? Further, if during the interview you are actually living at your place of employment. Meaning if you do say something like "my boss is a jerk" then you know once the reporter leaves you're now going to be asked to pack up your suitcase and leave. Only you can't "just" leave when you work at a legal brothel in Nevada. First, there are no cabs to call to pick you up nor limo's. Every legal brothel is in a tiny little town where there are no commercial transportation services. Second, you can't call a cab or limo to come get you from the larger city of say Las Vegas or Reno because you'd have to pay them for that mileage just to reach you. Why can't you pay them? Because the house only pays your manager at a contracted period of time. You're never given your cash when you just say "I'm leaving". You leave with no cash on you but what you came with. So if you came in to work without any money on you - then you walk out of there with no money on you UNLESS it's your payday and your work contract states you're to be paid in cash directly - not to your "manager" or "agent". There are no buses either to the major cities or the airport to fly home either. Third, you can't just walk out of the place and go hitch a ride either because it's literally against the law to do so. When you first arrive to work it's illegal for you to leave the building for the first 48 hours. After your first 48 hours - it's illegal to walk off the property after dark. Yes that's right - it's literally illegal for you to walk off the job and go hitch a ride home. If you drove yourself - that's great. But if you didn't and someone dropped you off - then you have to wait for them to come and get you. Fourth, you can count on two hands the number of legal brothel owners in the USA. Meaning if you call your boss a jerk to the press you can not just kiss your job at that place goodbye - but you can literally kiss your whole career goodbye. Fifth, after receiving the prostitute license to work in a Nevada legal brothel go and try and get yourself a license to sell real estate, stocks on Wall Street, or teach school children. In other words, many many jobs out there will not hire you once they find out you've a license to be a prostitute which will show up on a background check these days. So if you screw up this gig and you don't have another career ready to go as your back-up - then you just screwed your whole career royally no matter how accurate you feel about what you'd like to say about either your boss, the company, the clients or the industry itself. Sixth, would you be likely to tell a reporter your boss is a "jerk" if you knew he had shot a famous unarmed boxer down in cold blood and never even was arrested for the murder? So I ask you - how accurate and totally honest do you think an interview would be of someone about their job if they were being asked about the job and their boss, co-workers, clients, etc., were standing right there listening and you also had these other things to deal with such as you were residing on the premises, and had these transportation issues? Also, what would it serve you to tell the truth? If you lie and say you "love this job and love your clients and love your boss" then you MAKE MONEY. If you were to tell the truth which is your boss is a jerk, the clients are jerks, the coworkers are jerks and the job is completely disgusting to the point where you puke each time you turn a trick - you get fired, thrown off the property, blacklisted in the industry, you completely lose your income for who knows how long it's going to take you to find another job after this interview hits the press and your face is blasted all over the media as a prostitute, you have a whole bunch of people pissed off at you, possibly threatening you, and you're not even sure how you're going to get home after blowing off some stream to the press like this. So if there is no upside to telling the 100 % total complete truth to the reporter - would you? Let's now add a possible complication - that of drugs. Heidi Fleiss was busted for having over 400 pot plants growing at her place by the Bunny Ranch and she was engaged to Dennis Hof at one point in time. Marijuana is legal pretty much in Nevada. Meaning as long as you're at the ranch and being "nice" then you'll be able to score all the pot pretty much you want. But if you were to piss off these people, stomp off the job - what would the odds be they'd let you buy from them again? Or you can go to the dispensary and buy more right? Takes money which you just screwed yourself out of by telling the complete truth. Ask yourself how many people have you heard interviewed about what it's like to work at a Nevada brothel who isn't talking to the reporter while smoking a joint, drinking wine or champagne, and has Hof standing right next to her while she's on the job? If the interview is out of town, she's on Hof's private plane and her ride home even. With the ad money these guys spend - would your paper or station print the truth if you told it? I ask because I once approached a Vegas magazine with an interview with an ex-brothel prostitute about her time there and was refused because the publisher said "I'm not going to screw myself out of that ad money they give me by printing this". Every research report done by a university has been paid for by the owners. Name me one research report bought by the tobacco industry which identified tobacco as causing cancer or being addictive? Speaking of tobacco - anyone see the film "The Insider" about how much trouble an insider had just getting the truth out about their product to the public? How the press had to literally go to war with a team of lawyers just to publish the truth? After how many people died of cancer related to tobacco? Am I the only one remembering they lied to Congress about their product? I watched the documentary on HBO "Hot Toxic Seat" about the chemical flame retardant industry and the lies, manipulation, and money involved in having laws passed requiring the sale and use of their chemicals on products such as clothing and furniture even when it was causing firemen cancer - and I can assure you the money involved in flame retardant chemicals is smaller, and there's much less of any emotional investment, into the sex industry of porn, prostitution, stripping, webcams, etc. But somehow these brothels are a shining example of "truth in advertising?" Here's an interview with a woman who was two years clean and sober at the time, and who had completely exited the entire sex industry at the time of the interview. Her motivation for the interview was because her pimp/husband was threatening to put her two small children into child porn if she didn't return to work at the brothel. He had won legal custody because of her prostitute license and the court deciding she wasn't a "fit" mother for that reason. helped her get her and her kids to Canada where they don't extradite to escape him and she wanted to warn others from her experience. These brothels are a business. As such - how honest do you think most press is about any corporation? Especially one that has just received such a large investment as the brothels did recently when Disney invested $250 million dollars into MGT. MGT is a partner of Vivid Entertainment. Vivid Entertainment books private appointments with their performers to do outcalls through the Nevada legal brothels, and for this reason is moving their operation into Nevada where a film stage is being built in Pahrump. Why? Interactive "live" porn through things such as Oculus - a product of Google. Google who donated $11 million dollars to Polaris. Polaris who passed a law requiring signs be posted at adult businesses in California - but not Nevada for some reason. Now I ask you - how can someone working at a legal brothel call a trafficking hotline for help? How can they call for help when calling Polaris refers them in Nevada to reach out to the local homeless shelter who does not provide transportation to them? Let's stop saying this is a "business" and not looking at it LIKE a "business". As to "why" Disney would invest into such a circle of corporations which would be basically funneling young boys and girls from mouse ears as children into such companies as Vivid Entertainment - take one good look at what one sex tape did for Kim Kardashian and her family and then think about that question again. I mean imagine - all those "Britney Spears wannabee's" who didn't make it big by their 18th birthday who are now trained actors and dancers however and can you think of a more natural career step than to suggest they go down to Vivid's office on their 18th birthday. Why their "headshots" will already be prepared when they decide to go talk to their recruiters. Besides, it's not like Vivid or the Bunny Ranch can go out amongst the kiddies and recruit them directly now can they? Well that just wouldn't be "tasteful" now would it? Watch some of the dance shows on Disney lately and tell me they're not future porn stars and strippers in training please . . . It's not like many of them are killing themselves studying classical ballet there at Disney. I mean didn't I just read not long ago the largest raid of pedophiles were Disney employees? Take a good look at what Britney's parents had to go through in order to save her from an agent who was drugging her Wheaties to control her so severely they had to get a restraining order against the guy - and then tell me how this same thing would play out on a young lady who had a single mom as her legal guardian with a drug habit to support? Britney's parents were there for her - but what if they hadn't of been? There is a reason why the only people I'm seeing shut down right now under the guise of being "sex traffickers" are those who are in direct competition with the Nevada legal brothels. If Carl Ferrer of Backpage can be arrested as a sex trafficker for taking an ad for someone to perform an act of prostitution - then can you explain to me why Google isn't being arrested in the same complaint for directing people with their search engine advertising to the legal brothels of Nevada for the same act? You got it - because one is the NV legal brothels and the other isn't. The "war on sex trafficking" has become nothing more than a smoke screen to shut down all competitors to Vivid and the NV brothels - reminding me of how Polaris' first act against "sex trafficking" was to re-criminalize Rhode Island - the only legal competition to the NV brothels. We're watching a modern day version of Al Capone trying to take over the alcohol industry in the same manner as to why he was nicknamed the "untouchable" because of his legal, political, and even religious connections who he would use to shut down his "competitors" to his organized operation. Let me ask you something - how come I see nothing in this article about the virgins from Brazil Dennis Hof auctions off recruited for him by Joe Conforte - a man who fled this country to avoid felony arrest? Virgins who are brought into this country courtesy of men such as Joohon David Lee - a man working for Homeland Security, Immigration and the trafficking task force who used taxpayer money to fly over to other countries to pick up these women, fly them to Nevada using work permits at the brothel's restaurants for their visa's, and when caught sex trafficking was only charged with bribery from "Mr. H." because no law exists that can hold him accountable for such things? Where instead of being in prison for using his position to traffick women into this country he's now driving a limo? I wouldn't be surprised at all if his employer is Charles Horkey who was convicted of using his limo company to also engage in sex trafficking. Now with Sheldon Adelson, the owner of the Review Journal newspaper, and just about all of the press in Nevada, being a supporter of legalized prostitution - what do you think the odds are that we're hearing the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth when it comes to these brothels? I ask you - how do these brothels protect a woman from being a trafficking victim when there's no way to file a police report against anyone forcing them to work in them which is the definition of sex trafficking? If there was a way to call the cops and make a criminal charge against a pimp for trafficking you inside these brothels - do you really believe the owner of the brothel would cooperate with the prosecution knowing what bad press this would be for his brothel? Do you think the other prostitutes would testify against them to support your accusation? Show me ONE lawsuit a woman has filed against a NV brothel for ANYTHING - whether it be wrongful termination, sexual harassment, workers compensation? Seriously - I'd like to see ONE criminal charge or civil lawsuit of a brothel prostitute against either their pimp or one of the brothels for ANYTHING? Compare with other companies who have employees sue them all the time and then answer that question please. Even a pack of cigarettes has a surgeon general's warning on them - but look at what lengths had to be gone through before that happened and then tell me how "accurate" and "honest" articles such as this are. Reminds me of George Flint, the Brothel Owners Association lobbyist who has admitted he's never set foot inside of one in his life. Now how seriously am I supposed to take his word for what goes on in these places when that's the case? Against maybe Harry Reid who grew up literally next door to one and saw what goes on at one as a kid? Grow up people. If this is a "business" - then start viewing it as one including the difference between "marketing" and the truth. I run and since 1987 I've been talking to women who have left this industry, including those legal brothels, and I believe I'm hearing more of the truth out of them because there's no motivation to be lying to us when calling our hotline. And if their industry wasn't scared to death of what those views are out of them - then tell me why the Review Journal has refused to do one single article on us in the 30 years we've done this - even when the NV legislature was having hearings on sex trafficking laws which we were testifying against. Where's one single news station in Nevada that's interviewed us ever since we gave a press conference in NV in 2007 releasing a report we'd helped to prepare to the State Dept. about Nevada sex trafficking? If a major newspaper were to do a story on alcoholism but refuse to print one word about Alcoholics Anonymous or one interview with Bill Wilson or even a member of AA - tell me then how good of a story about alcoholism would that be?

Friday, November 18, 2016


Think that prostitution is "simply about what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedroom"?

No way.

This woman walked into a room with these two guys inside pretending to be cops.  She "suspected something was wrong" and was luckily able to  figure these guys weren't what they pretended to be.

She was able to call the police.  This is because in Nevada most police are pretty cool understanding sex workers need to be able to call them to check things out when they get a bad fibe.

Friday, August 26, 2016


Dear Ms. Callahan:

First of all, I can't thank you enough for all you've done to make the work shown in the film, and the film, "Hot Toxic Seat" possible.  I feel like you've not only saved my sanity, but even possibly a movement I started back in the 1980's.  I just now was able to sit down with the film and start writing down names of people I need to start reaching out to who not only won't say I'm "crazy" for what I'm about to say, and have witnessed this for themselves, but further this film has given me a blueprint I can now follow from here.  

Let me try and explain briefly in a way your film is allowing me to have a language to explain myself finally.  Imagine if someone like the fireman in the film who was trying to expose the fact firemen were dying more of cancer than of fires started the movement to get this recognition for the first time.  Imagine he starts going on national TV and saying this was in fact "true".

Only that was me in 1987 when I went onto the Sally show the first time in my campaign to raise awareness about sex trafficking in America.  I've got clips about this up at and you can even see the show at  A tape I'm lucky to have since my original was destroyed, the original at the ABC studio was destroyed in a "fire", and then I spent months negotiating with NBC to get this copy!  Seems NBC now owns almost all of my original TV appearances actually.

But then the American public lashes back and says "it's not true".  More important, the flame retardant industry lashes back and says he's "hallucinating".  So he then goes out and finds other fireman who have gotten cancer related to not just their job, but behind breathing in these toxic fumes caused by the flame retardants.  Now the flame retardant people think "oh well no one is going to listen to this guy" because "they didn't listen to the last guy who tried to raise awareness" so they kind of ignore him for a long time.  

Which also happened to me.  Linda Lovelace had tried to raise awareness about sex trafficking in 1980.  Only she wasn't believed.  Bruce Lee was going to raise awareness with his 1973 "Enter the Dragon".  Only he died three weeks before the film opened.  That left me.  Geraldo Rivera actually told me that "since no one is believing your story - maybe if you bring on people you've saved then we can convince the public it's true".  Only I don't have any of those tapes.  They're not anywhere online and I can't get anyone at his office to answer my requests to obtain copies of the four shows I did with Geraldo.  But I do have a few others such as Donahue which was taped a few months before he was taken off the air.

Imagine if after one year of trying to raise awareness about this flame retardant issue - the chemical companies try and pass a law requiring all carpeting, clothing, and furniture manufacturers  to use their chemical in order to sell their products in the state of California.   Imagine they spent over $1,000,000 with PR firms to help them pass this law, and even paid  another $1,000,000 to buy a "research study" out of the University of Berkeley to prove that "no one has ever got cancer from these chemicals".  Then imagine that when they're doing press about this law the ONLY person who will step up to oppose them is this one fireman.  Now mind you there's laws on the books at the time saying that no one can go on TV or radio talking about a law about to be passed without the opposition being allowed to voice their opinion as it was the case before the Telecommunications Act of 1995 passed.  Which is the ONLY reason I was allowed on that show at that time - it was the only way Joe could on the air!  

Then at the end of the year when voters go to the poll - imagine the chemical company LOSES.  Here's a tape I did opposing Joe Conforte when he did just this to try and get brothels legalized in California in 1988 - just one year after I launched the hotline and 12 step program "Prostitutes Anonymous".  Joe had in fact put up one million dollars to PR firms, and he further bought this study about HIV in his employees which he rigged so it would appear none of them contracted HIV.  He also left out of media appearances he'd paid for the study in the first place when making his claim "no brothel prostitutes contract HIV".   

So then 13 years later, this fireman gets federal recognition for this in fact being "real".  For the first time, doctors can now start treating cancer related to flame retardants and billing insurance.  They couldn't bill insurance for this before because supposedly it wasn't "real".  

This was the Trafficking Act of 2000. 

Up until then, the only prostitutes recognized as "victims" were Chinese women and juveniles who were taken over state lines with the Mann Act of 1910.  Further, no one had been prosecuted under the Mann Act up to the year 2000 except two African American men who had married white women - Chuck Berry and Joe Johnson.  

Victim services prior to the year 2000 had refused to offer any payment or assistance to domestic sex trafficking victims because they weren't "federally recognized" as anything but "criminals".  So we actually obtained federal recognition this issue was not only real with this passing, but further it meant money could now be used by our government to help these victims.  Up to that point, money had to be obtained through private donations or paid for by people like us.  I myself had spent over $400,000 of my own money helping victims because there was no such federal money, grant money, etc. available before this Act passed.  You also couldn't hold any fund raisers for it - because again no one thought it was "real" outside of the actual victims before this.

Okay now the flame retardant people realize there's a problem - a big problem.  So they have got to do something about this.  Which your film outlined what they did - a huge campaign about how their chemicals "save children".  Of course making it look like anyone opposing this must "support children being burned alive".  My what an awful person this guy must be to want children to die from a preventable fire right?

But see the last thing they want is REAL firemen talking in the media about this issue.  We've got on the books now that firemen are dying of cancer.  This fireman, and the people he's been working with, all say the source of that cancer is the flame retardant chemicals.  It's now a fact that firemen are getting cancer.  Cats out of the bag there.  

So now the chemical companies have to lash back with a huge media campaign that the source of their cancer is not their product - but instead tobacco.  That's a logical assumption right?  They're getting from smoking!

Meaning now you've got to find firemen who will say the source of their cancer is smoking.  What do you do?  Well this little fireman has already got this on the books.  Everyone knows him.  Everyone knows his face.  He started all of this.  He's the "expert in the field" people clearly believe.  So if you can get that fireman to stand up in the press and say his cancer was caused by smoking - then you're off the hook right?  

Which is what happened to me in 2007.  Melissa Farley, PhD, came to me and asked me to work in a a report about sex trafficking in Nevada for the State Dept.  She then told me if I helped her with this report  we were going to be given a grant for $300,000, and that an architecture firm in Las Vegas had offered to donate us the building of a center where we could take in victims from all over the world that I could even design.  She even told me that I'd get to meet Gloria Steinhem, Diane Von Fursterberg, and even Prince for God's sake knowing he was my favorite musician!   You can read more about this press conference we gave to release this report at

Melissa even asked me to bring out my "two best firemen" which was Brenda Myers-Powell and Kathleen Mitchell to support the release of the report "Trafficking in Nevada - Making the Connections".  Only as I'm in a room filled with the press from all over the world, and I'm literally being miked by the sound guy to go up and talk about this report - she asks me to speak what is the equivalent of saying it was smoking that caused our cancer to the press.

I refused.

So Melissa then took the reporters out into the hallway and spoke to them "one on one" saying that this was in fact my view.  Which then led to the release of those articles calling to "outlaw the industry" which was not my words.  Well needless to say, in these terms the "tobacco" industry wouldn't be too happy about me blaming them now would they?  So in fact, I go home from this press conference which has just blamed them for our cancer to find my car has been trashed by men who are owners of tobacco companies in that sense.   Is my beef with them?  No.

But now they got a beef with me. 

I even get one of the owners of the largest tobacco companies there is in the world send an employee over to me right after this conference to report that I am now "blacklisted" in any media he owns or controls or buys any advertising with.  That man is Sheldon Adelson who not only is pushing for the legalization of prostitution, but further hates unions (which I support in the sex industry) and also happens to fund a HUGE chunk of the drug treatment world.  Which would be the equivalent of the cancer medical community who treat the firemen's cancer.  Meaning that in one fell swoop - all of the support I'd received up to that point from the drug treatment world was also yanked and turned against me by what Melissa Farley did to me that day.  Which again would be like if in my analogy if all of the cancer treatment community were turned against me while I'm still having firemen with cancer calling me up for help and support.  

Can he do this?  Can he "blacklist" me?  Only let's take this back to a time when the Telecommunications Act of 1995 passed and major media is now owned by the corporations.  Further, Fox vs. Snopes now has created a legal precedence where the media can actually fire a reporter such as yourself if they refuse to report something they know is a lie.  I'm going to assume that when you reported on this issue - you didn't have a boss standing over you who owned stock in a flame retardant company telling you if you published anything on this story you'd be fired.  Nor were you dealing with companies such as Relativity Media making films about the so called "truth about firemen" which when you uncover the so called "reality expose" was in fact staged and scripted falsely with actors and staged scenarios - you then go to the FCC who tells you "there's not a law against it".  

Well trust me - the "sex industry" has a lot more supporters than the flame retardant chemical industry, as well as lot more CONSUMERS!  Companies such as "Live Nation" who actually handles the press for not only Charlie Sheen (a consumer) and Snoop Dogg (a manufacturer), but also for the Pope, as well as  Hearst Media, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and the CIA - all who have partnered with, or donated heavily, to Polaris.  Who has now created a "monopoly" against our group.  I certainly can't compete with the people who are funding all grants in field.   Which I can show you documented evidence their support of the push to not only get prostitution legalized in this country, but further how they are being used to attack the "competitors" of where the sex industry is going today.  Or anyone not working for them in other words. 

But a problem remains.  How are you going to get any REAL fireman to stand up and say the source of their cancer is smoking and not flame retardant chemicals?

You can't.  

But you can hire "fakes".  Welcome to Chong Kim, Stella Marr and then Samoly Mam.

You can also create "influencers" online just like the video game companies use to sell their products.  

Only you can't just use "victims" of smoking as your "influencers" in the media.  Not real ones anyway.  No - you've also got to find a doctor who will tell you his whole practice is devoted to helping firemen who get cancer from smoking - not the chemicals.  Welcome to William Hillar who the series "Taken" was based upon claiming to be about "sex trafficking rescue".

One by one the "fakes" are being exposed.  What do you do?  How are you going to continue to get the public, and the law makers, to believe the firemen are  getting cancer from smoking and not from the chemicals?

Well the next step is to get someone from the tobacco industry to step up and say they are not only doing it - but they further are aware they're doing it.  You need to find yourself some person in the tobacco industry to step up and claim responsibility.  Now here I can't point any fingers openly in the media without risking a defamation suit yet  - but I can point out one person making the equivalent kinds of statements, from an equivalent kind of viewpoint, who I've traced money being given to her by the flame retardant chemical companies.  So you have to ask yourself why would this person in the tobacco industry take money from the flame retardant chemical company when they're out protesting the chemical retardant people at the same time?  

See in your film you traced money to groups who were trying to use very clever marketing to push the idea of keeping the use of these chemicals in place. They even used "real" fire victims just as this movement is using so called "real" prostitutes.   I'm not sure however if you traced money to people who were setting up protests of the chemical companies while taking money from the chemical companies.  But I have "followed the money" to just such so called 'opposition" within the sex industry.  

It sound counter-intuitive - but when you realize you get more press from opposition and controversy, as well as the human mind WANTS things they are "forbidden" then it does start to make sense.   In fact, this is why the real tobacco companies were doing things like "youth prevention campaigns" back in the 1950's to sell their product to children while claiming at the same time they were trying to stop it.  

In fact, I have a lot of information I've been gathering on this issue that I'd like to talk to you about.  I saw in the film how when you were able to put together a series for the Chicago Tribune - and then this whole thing turned around.  That's of course what I'd like to talk to you about.  At least I know you're aware of how this "system" works with these large companies and that gives me a way to communicate these issues at least.  Your film is giving me a road map but our work is complicated further by the fact that many people don't like to talk about the subject of sex.  On top of that, prostitution is illegal in most of this country - further discouraging "real" victims from coming forward and speaking up in the press.   Further, we've got to deal with the people who are involved with the issue of abortion involved in this also to deal with.

Please call me any day you can at (702) 488-1127.  I would appreciate just someone to discuss over strategy with.  Thanks again for what you did. I at least now have a way to explain what I'm seeing happen in our movement to try and address sex trafficking in America.

Thank you.

Jody Williams
(702) 488-1127 Telephone

Thursday, August 18, 2016


Jody Williams
(702) 488-1127

Jeane Kohl-Welles
Via Email

Dear Jeane:

Please allow me to introduce myself.  When I was in grade school, I started getting into all kinds of trouble.  A bright teacher realized I needed an IQ test.  I never finished that test because I found an error in one of the questions.  In other word, I was so smart I broke the test!  But then they found someone connected to MENSA to help out.  My IQ at 8 years old was tested at 169.  A “dummy” I’m not.  So my school put me into the “Mentally Gifted Minors” program.  But after only one year the funding was cut.  This forced me back in to “general population” in school which was a complete disaster.    Why?  Because our school system isn’t designed for people who are in the top two percentile of intelligence. 

I learned I could take a test at 15 years old which would allow me to leave high school and go into community college.  By 16 years old, I was in the local community college preparing to move on to the university where I wanted to get a degree in psychology.  However, my plans were cut short by my father stealing my college fund to put himself through law school.  He’d left us fearing I’d be soon prosecuting him for his sexual abuse of me to become a Mormon polygamist in Idaho.

Needing money so I could continue school, I got a job at a local nightclub.  I lied about my age to get a cocktail waitress job thinking I’d work nights and go to school in the afternoons.  Little did I realize I’d walked into what was really a front to launder drug and prostitution money.  Richard Pryor, the comedian, has been open about his mother working in his grandmother’s brothel.  Well, this family had moved to California and set up this nightclub for that purpose. 

The pimps behind this family were well educated also.  All of them had degrees in psychology actually.  The club was a central focus point of their business which intertwined with not only drugs and prostitution – but also the entertainment field that Richard paved the way into.  Masters of the “game” they were as they showed me one night how they could “turn out” female patrons at the club into prostitution in 24 hours or less.  In fact, they used to even have bets to see who could do it the fastest.  Of course I didn’t realize they’d be using that psychology against me to also “turn me out” without even realizing it.  But most victims of this type of abuse rarely feel their abuser is anything but someone who “cares about them”.  Just as many German’s felt Hitler was their “friend” pre-WWII. 

These men knew that violence only worked in short term situations.  Remember, this “family” had been involved in the world of drugs and prostitution for literally generations.  So they knew well that the strongest bonds were psychological and invisible.   While I was truly in fear of my life if I went against these people, no hand was ever laid upon me nor threat made directly in exact words.  Their knowledge wasn’t just about the criminal world you see – but also how our legal system operated as well. 

As I was pulled into this world, they showed me every possible layer of it.  I wasn’t just being recruited to work as a prostitute.  Oh no.  These men were recruiting me to come along with them into the level of “management”.  So I was “trained” or made privy  to a knowledge even those who have been prostitutes for years don’t even get a chance to see.  There wasn’t one single type of sex related business I wasn’t taught the inner workings of.  Within a year I was running an incall/outcall service, a fetish bondage dungeon, managing strippers, producing custom pornography for private stock, and I was the person who opened the first 900 phone sex line in the USA taking credit cards so the wives didn’t find out when they opened up the monthly phone bills what hubby had been up to.

There is literally NO ONE I’m aware of who knows more about the psychology of a “john” as far as how they operate when a purchaser of services than myself.  Not anyone that would discuss it with a politician openly as I am with you now anyway. 

While in this underground world, I also was witnessing what is now termed “sex trafficking”.  Which is separate and distinct from “pimping”.  If anything, when a pimp gets frustrated with a victim and wants to dispose of him or her, then he might sell them to a “trafficker”.   To show you how different they are, at one point I was witnessing cocaine killing this “family business”.  In fact, one of the men went on a three day binge and then shot himself in the head as a finale.  At that point, I then told the “Don”, the man in charge,  I wanted to buy my independence.  He allowed me to do this and I became a “free agent”.  They in turn retired to relocated back to Texas.

What I didn’t realize was how this “independence” from them, a family of pimps, would then make me a target of sex traffickers.  While pimps want nothing to do with corrupt police, traffickers on the other hand in fact intertwine with bad cops, prosecutors, judges and even politicians.  So suddenly I’m now getting threats to “join us” from the Beverly Hills LAPD who heard through the grapevine I was now an “independent” now these men were gone from California.

If you’d like an analogy to help translate this into terms you might understand better – think in terms of when alcohol used to be illegal in this country.  While there were people who used to cook up gin in the bathtub, or moonshine in the woods – none of them compared with the operation that a man like Al Capone was operating.

Capone’s operation wasn’t designed mind you to sell to individuals one by one.  This is a man who wanted to sell alcohol not only across the country, but also to the speakeasy’s, or the illegal bars.  That was because they made regular large orders.  For his operation to work properly, it had to not only utilize corrupt, or scared (too scared not to cooperate), law enforcement, but also believe it or not work with the church and the press to drive his operation.  Buying or selling alcohol also HAD TO BE ILLEGAL in order to drive up the price and drive the market to Al’s door.  The profits from his operation directly tied into other crimes mind you.  In other words, it was not limited to alcohol any more than organized sex traffickers’ business in this country is limited to prostitution.

Now while I saw places where some street prostitute could go and receive help to clean up her life while out in this world – what I didn’t see was any safe avenue of rescue from these monsters involved in what is now called “sex trafficking”.  The reason for which was simple.  Remember, back prior to the 1970’s people used to deny the mafia existed.  In fact, we didn’t even have confirmation they were REAL until Joe Valachi came forward with his confession not that long ago. 

So please remember that not that long ago there were people walking around pretending the “five families” didn’t even exist in this country until someone came forward with confirmation out of this world.  Now these guys in the mafia were getting arrested for crimes (things like robbery, assault, drug charges, etc.) – but there wasn’t any racketeering laws going after the operation itself, nor any “task forces” set up to go directly after the Mafia, until we first got confirmation they even existed.

THEN we had the racketeering law authored by a man who is still alive by the way – George Robert Blakeley. 

It was only after we had recognition federally that the mafia existed and the law was written specifically to go after them as an operation.  THEN after that, it was Rudolph Guiliani who then went to our government and asked to create a task force designed to “bring them down” which has in fact been successful.   Many people don’t know this but Rudolph was actually a consultant on the “Godfather” which taught us as America they were in fact “real”.  In other words, the “Godfather” wasn’t just a great movie.  It announced to the world the “five families” were real.   The film even introduced you to them as a “family” so they could be identified with by most Americans.

However, now all of the major heads of the “five families” have been brought down from power in this country yet no one has asked the question “Replaced with what?  A vacuum was created which then needed to be filled.

Let’s look back into that time period.  Why would special avenues of escape from the “five families” exist in this country as an official system before we realized they even existed?  Well it wouldn’t.  Which is now you see the problem I saw back in the early 1980’s for victims of what we NOW call “sex trafficking”  back then there was no official recognition they were “real” even existed.  Its’ for this reason that women like Margo Compton, who testified against men who trafficked her in San Francisco, was murdered in Oregon where they thought she was “safe”.  Our legal system didn’t recognize the reach of the operation that was trafficking her is why. 

Seeing that there was no other way out for the victims I was seeing needed immediate help, and I couldn’t turn to the police because they didn’t have any laws to do anything about it nor was there any system set up yet in this country capable of handling people who can murder you even in jail across the country let alone at some “homeless shelter” or “drug program” – I took a warehouse I’d once used as a brothel and turned it what is now known as the first “safe house” for adult victims in this country. 

Only when one angry pimp realized I had put his victim there, his first response was to call the police and have us both arrested.   You can read about the whole fiasco with the clips I have up at  The media didn’t know what to make of a brothel that had such high tech security equipment installed as I had – so they dubbed me the “high tech madam” back in 1984. 

Well, clearly just putting together a safe house wasn’t a viable solution.  Not when the traffickers were able to call the cops on me!   Now granted my attorney straightened everything out because I clearly WASN’T running a “brothel” out of that warehouse.  But it made me realize the only way we were going to be able to do anything about this problem was going to be to first “raise awareness”.   Second we had to go “outpatient” as far as putting help out there for anyone.  

Not knowing how to do this – I consulted with the California Attorney General at the time, Edwin Meese.  He was in charge of the Meese Commission which was looking into pornography.  I also went and talked with then Mayor Tom Bradley, Chief Gates, and Sheriff Block, who were in power in Los Angeles then.

Men who were happy to hear from me because of the HIV/AIDS epidemic affecting us at the time also.  So in 1987, I launched our hotline and 12 step program which we had originally called “Prostitutes Anonymous”.  The reason for this was because we were also offering anyone who had been arrested for prostitution a chance to get an “alternative to sentencing” in jail.  They recognized that when these women were being forced into prostitution by monsters like this – then they shouldn’t be treated as criminals.  So to match up with the courts – we called ourselves “Prostitutes Anonymous” because the crime was called “prostitution” as well.

Edwin Meese was the one who told me that because of laws already grandfathered in by Alcoholics Anonymous – we could set about this right away without having to first get “approval” and “oversight” by anyone in the medical community such as a doctor or psychiatrist.  You have to realize that back in 1987 NO ONE wanted to attach their name to ANYTHING to do with prostitution – not even the HIV/AIDS community!  Who no one could even get to admit it even affected heterosexual women for years – let alone was connected to the sex industry!   See, if we don’t understand the past, we’re “doomed to repeat it”. 

Now, I didn’t know anything about how to run a 12 step program.  We came out at a time BEFORE anyone recognized that anything but drugs and alcohol could be an “addiction”.  You have to put into context that this was BEFORE people recognized that sex, gambling, shopping, or even food could be an “addiction” also in this country as a whole.  

So I put together an “advisory mentor board” back then.  I took all of the founders of 12 step programs who were still alive, and also people who were breaking ground in areas such as sexual addiction, compulsive gambling, etc.   I also went out and got mentoring from experts in cult brainwashing, Stockholm Syndrome, as well as doctors who understood the mechanics of addiction as a disease.

I did this also because the members of our program were showing ALL of these symptoms of not just being involved in sex work, and  using drugs, but were also having eating disorders, addicted to gambling in some fashion, as well as having shopping addiction and co-dependency.  Now when you took all of those symptoms away from these victims – they were left with a total change of lifestyle.  Something I had to find answers for in order to help them – and I had to do it “fast” as our hotline was now ringing daily from all over the world from people wanting help from me. 

One of those advisors was Roy K.  He founded the first 12 step program to deal with sex which was Sexaholics Anonymous.  This was before there were sexual addiction treatment programs, counselors, etc.  So the rooms of Sexaholics Anonymous was chock FULL of men who were classified as “sex addicts”.  One of those men was James Crossen, PhD., who also founded the National Council on Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity.   What this meant was the rooms was full of “johns” or “buyers of prostitutes” as you will. 

What I learned by having all of these men concentrated into one central point – was how the disease of sexual addiction progresses and operates.  Of which I’d like to add has “stages”.  Those stages include “buying of prostitutes” and progresses into the acute stages of molesting children and even murder as talked about by Ted Bundy during his final interviews.  You may not also know that almost ALL forms of child abuse, rape, and even serial murder has present at every crime scene – pornography. 

The reason why I’m writing you about this now is because both Roy K. and James Crossen are now dead.  So they can’t tell you what I learned in the year I spent mentored by these men.  I was in this 12 step program once a week for over a year, on their board, spoke at their conventions.   Meaning when you factor in that I’ve turned probably over 10,000 “tricks” myself when I was in the sex industry, that I spent this time being mentored by these men as I did, and when you also factor in that I’ve answered the hotline for our 12 step program for 29 years now taking over 500,000 calls (five times more calls than Polaris has to date), then I don’t think there’s anyone out here who is better informed on the subject of what outlawing the purchase of sex is going to actually do in REALITY.

I'm also going to fill you in on something else I learned from my time with this group of men in Los Angeles' Sexaholics Anonymous.  This was the FIRST group ever set up to deal with the issue of sex addiction.  Meaning everyone from the guy who bought hookers, the priest molesting children, and even men who had been arrested for serial murders of prostitutes, were members of this group.  It was through this historic grouping together we were able to learn these things were ALL part of the PROGRESSION of the disease in an untreated state.

However, as more and more men started coming into the rooms BECAUSE of being arrested for "buying prostitution" but were there ONLY to get the courts off their backs - they didn't want to hear the "only solution" was "no sex outside of marriage".  Especially the gay men who were busted for having sex in parks.  To counter this, a program with a "softer" definition of abstinence was created. This was Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous.

This shifting of people into a group with a "softer" definition of sobriety or abstinence, combined with Roy's death, the shutting down of the National Council on Sexual Addiction, as well as the shutting down of the Radar Institute for Sex Addiction, along with Patrick Carnes books no longer on the best sellers list - all have combined to create a total lack of knowledge about how their disease progresses over time.  I mean ask yourself when is the last time you even SAW a story about the disease in the media?

My point here is that when I was a part of this original group - would you like to know WHO these men were?  Maybe a story here will help.  As I was coming to Roy more and more often for advice, he started introducing me to the group.  Then after everyone learned to trust me - I was invited to attend one of their board meetings.  When I walked into the room - I started having an anxiety attack.  I'm not kidding - a complete panic attack hit me.

When the men gave me some water and calmed me down - they asked me what triggered it.  I told them the truth - it was because THEY were not what I expected.  When they asked me what I meant by that - I told them "Because you're professors, priests, police officers, judges, and politicians" that's why.  In other words, you're the PILLARS of our society."

Some of those men came over and sat next to me to explain "of course".  When I asked what they meant by this they explained "we are no different than any predator who protects ourselves.  We are in these positions SPECIFICALLY because we need to make sure our victims not only are not believed - but that we don't get prosecuted for our crimes".  In other words, predators not only go out of their way to pick victims they think society won't believe - but further they are putting themselves, and their buddies, into positions where they can be protected just in case they are believed.

 ANYONE who has done any studying on child pornography will tell you that these men are a very organized group of men who do this often enough to live their lives in such a way as to protect themselves.  ESPECIALLY if they're the providers of this product.

Now I know you mean well.  Remember, Hitler got control of the media by going after pornographers FIRST.  So he got ahold of people who were very concerned about fighting child pornography and used them to gain control over as much of the media as possible because he knew well the power of the media in order to gain the control he did over people.  

Which by the way, we’re now seeing the American version of this since the passing of the Telecommunications Act of 1995.  Since then, the “corporations” own the media.  Believe me, when I can appear on a Donahue in 1992 and now have to order copies of that show from NBC Universal – the “corporations” own everything now!

So while everyone talks about the “good old days” when the mafia built Las Vegas – we all know the “corporations” have taken over Las Vegas now correct?  Only I don’t think what people have realized yet  is how organized crime progressed in Nevada where I’ve resided since 1996 – is exactly how it’s progressed in Las Vegas.  Which is yes the corporation took over the casinos.  But they also have been wiping out the past.  Right down to the destruction of all of the old guard and even the buildings so those memories are destroyed. 

Again why?  Because if you don’t “know the past you’re doomed to repeat it”.  Which I also see happening in this country.  You may not be aware of this either – but two “independents” within the sex industry were Hugh Hefner and Larry Flynt.   Larry Flynt has now sold his home and the Hustler Building.  Hugh Hefner now presides over a company who no longer produces any nude photography.   Give them a few more years – and they’ll be just like the Sands Casino which was blown up and no longer stands.

The progression of Prohibition and the way money from this fueled organized crime is EXACTLY step by step being recreated right now in the arena of “sex trafficking”.   Also, just as up until now long ago people used to deny the existence of the “shadow hand” in this country – well too are we in denial of how it’s still operating today in the USA.  A system which has transferred it’s attention from alcohol during Prohibition, drugs during the 1980’s and Iran Contra to being about “sex trafficking” and what I call around my house the “sexual mafia”.

How do I know this?  When I launched our first alternative sentencing program in 1987 in Los Angeles, and I was also appearing on national media constantly to get people to understand that “sex trafficking” was real (again please remember we didn’t have a word even for it back in the 1980’s), our program “Prostitutes Anonymous” spread like wildfire.  Our numbers of success stories were so amazing that I was asked to start the “Program for Female Offenders” back in Allentown, Pennsylvania in 1989.  Our numbers were so ground breaking back there that I was then asked by Paige Latin to help her open the first drop-in crisis center in Canada in 1991. 

Meaning by the early 1990’s, our program was spread across this country and spilling into Canada.  We were growing faster than weeds on an untended farm.   All of which went into the momentum which led to the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000.  This was a historical moment as it was the first time “sex trafficking” as it existed on American soil got federal recognition. 

However, our joy was short-lived.  All 22 of the US Attorney’s who had been a part of helping to put that movement together were fired by George Bush with “no official explanation”.  Only as I heard the names of who was fired – I knew what this was really all about.  You see I’d seen the Bush family all over the smuggling of cocaine into this country while blaming the African American community during Iran Contra up close and personal from the “inside”.  In fact, I’m one of the few people left alive  who HAVE seen this and know well the playbook being acted out right now.

The alcohol industry is too strong today.  They’re intertwined themselves into practically every show on TV.  Name me one reality show that isn’t fueled by alcohol in fact.  So there’s no way that’s going to be made “illegal” any time soon.  Drugs?  Well when they realized it was too hard to smuggle into this country to sell illegally, they tried “home grown” meth.  That didn’t work too well as too many people were winding up with brain damage and blowing themselves up.  So they tried opiates – only that wound up with too many people dying like Prince from overdosing as well as too many white people.

What’s left to outlaw in order that criminals can continue to operate in this country AND raise TONS OF CASH UNREPORTED? 


Only NOT “sex trafficking”.  NOT “escorting”.  NOT “bondage sex” as portrayed on “50 Shades of Grey”.  NOT “legal” sex as done by the brothels of Nevada.  In fact, let me point out something here.  Were you aware that Polaris went after the decriminalized prostitution in Rhode Island while NOT TOUCHING the legal brothels of Nevada where sex trafficking is statistically higher? 

What’s the difference here?  Because “sex for money” is not “sex trafficking”.  Prostitution and “sex trafficking” are not the same.  If this logic were to hold – then we’d outlaw being maids in this country.  Maids have been “trafficked” clear back to when we heard about Leona Helmsley forcing maids to work in her hotels she was arrested for.  Now to solve this problem do we outlaw the hiring of maids?  Well what’s happening right now makes about as much sense and it also explains why this isn’t about sex trafficking at all.

 What is happening right here is this whole campaign to “end demand” and “arrest the buyer” is nothing more than a smoke screen to cover what the real agenda is here.  Before I can really try and explain what I’m trying to  – I’m going to invite you to watch five films to better understand what I’m trying to convey here. 

The first is “Poverty Inc”.  I want you to see how there is a community who was deriving a great deal of money by raising money to “end poverty” which was in reality causing more poverty.   A community which has been booted out of most charities and has now attached themselves to the issue of “sex trafficking”.  Now instead of the church raising money for orphanages and “single mother homes” they now are setting up “safe houses”. 

The second film is “Concussion” starring Will Smith.  I’d like you to see how this film revealed the system behind the NFL who was concealing facts about brain injury.  A system which had the same attorney behind the NFL as was behind the tobacco companies at one point.  I would like you to further note how the tobacco companies also used to deny the truth about their products to the public and congress.   In fact, we only know the truth not because of “freedom of the press” but because of lawsuits and men who risked their lives as further portrayed in the third film “Whistle Blower” with Al Pacino. 

The fourth film is “Hot Toxic Seat”.  I’d like you to see how the chemical companies were manipulating our whole legal system used fake “grass roots” groups funded by them.  Fake groups JUST like we saw in “Concussion”.  We also witnessed this same system with the Koch brothers funding the Tea Party while making people think that was a group of “ordinary people for the people by the people” in what was really them trying to get government regulation out from on top of them.  Which by the way when “Rolling Stone” tried to tell us the story about them – they were then come after viciously.

Which is how this machine operates – in secrecy and they retaliate against anyone who messes with their plans.  They also operate by controlling our free press.  I’m telling you this because the minute you mention my name to anyone I can assure you that you will hear the “veiled threats” where you are “warned” if you “value your reputation you won’t speak to Jody Williams”.  The calls always come as a warning – but that’s how people like them threaten. 

They say I’m “after the money” or “mentally unstable” the same way they would call Dr. Bennet Omalu “uneducated” in order to marginalize us.  But I can show you documentation of people who literally sit on their computers eight hours a day whose sole job is to call people up and “warn” them not to speak to me.  Since it’s not illegal there’s nothing I can do but hit them with a threat to sue for “defamation”.  Which I do and then another person starts up and the cycle keeps going non-stop – just as these people do.

Only your office called me Jeane.  So I’m going to believe that this is because either you’re not a part of this organized attempt to making the purchasing of sex illegal in this country for what is only a small part in the “sexual mafia’s larger agenda – or you aren’t easily intimidated.  For whatever your reasons – that’s why I’m going to give you my two cents about what this is really about so you at least know you’ve been advised about what’s going on in what’s been a 30 year battle of mine before proceeding. 

I don’t have any “facts” for what I’m about to talk about – so I’m going to ask you to just follow my line of logic here for a moment.   I can fall back on “facts” from the past though.  Let’s start with Prohibition when I ask you “when has making ANYTHING illegal or forbidden done one single thing to drive down demand”?  In fact, psychologists know well that the best way to drive up demand is to forbid something.  The tobacco industry’s knew this clear back when they were organizing “youth smoking prevention” campaigns back in the 1960’s.  Which was of course was shown to drive up teen demand and was sponsored by the tobacco companies themselves. 

 I can now show you statically for example that the highest ticket sales for “50 Shades of Grey” is also in the same town which had the most opposition.  Opposition by the way which was whipped up not by the residents of that town – but by paid “influencers” right out of Hollywood, California. 
Why?  Because Hollywood, our government, and the “sexual mafia” know how the human mind works very well.  Including that people always come over to watch a fight because of the crowd gathering.  That drives up demand and more tickets sell.  Just as they drive up the demand for NFL football – they drive it up for “specialized” sex, meaning things like portrayed in “50 Shades”. This film is  but one example.  Since it aired, sales of B&D products have soared.  Which are not cheap by the way.  As to has “contracts” between men and their “mistresses”.  Women who aren’t paid by the hour like cheap prostitutes.  But women who are paid monthly for their services in the same exact system of what is called the “sex industry”.  Besides, it also includes a "confidentiality" agreement.

 What also has risen up in demand is the demand for a  B&D  parlor in Los Angeles that is also “perfectly legal” which is called the “Sanctuary”.  So much demand this place is 3000 feet of space just minutes from the LAX airport.  You’ll notice not ONE “outreach for sex trafficking” is being held in THEIR facility.  But boy are they going out looking for “victims” using illegal stings.

But I digress.  The last film I’d like to invite you to watch is “Boogie Nights”.  I know this sounds strange but it documents more than the history of the porn industry.  It further documents the history of organized crime in the porn industry.  Who were behind the iconic film “Deep Throat”.  The same film which Linda Lovelace tried to tell us that she had been forced to film while having a gun pointed at her which was financed by mob money.   Only we had no laws to go after the film makers for this on the books at their time either – leaving us to charge everyone but Linda with “obscenity”.  Only since it wasn’t “obscenity”, and the intent was twisted in the press, so no case for “obscenity” was successful.

Men who lost control over the porn industry Jeane once we invented digitized images which could be transferred over the internet.  See while Hollywood has had to go through a lot of changes in order to modernize – so too believe it or not is this “sexual mafia” having to also find their way of regaining the control.  With Hollywood – they’ve had to crack down on “copyright infringement”.  Only with porn it has to be done in a different manner.  And why?  Because porn fuels the sex industry which in turn rules the adult products industry.  Ask any hooker and they’ll tell you for example the demand has gone up dramatically for “bondage” services after “50 Shades of Grey” was popularized in major media.

Also, “mistresses” such as Maxine Doogan and Domina Elle can operate entirely legally right now in this country because their job doesn’t involve “sex for money”.  Now if you wanted to increase your clientele to these types of services – wouldn’t you also want to “glamourize” and “popularize” them?  True.  But that’s not enough – because you also have to drive the market TO them by creating “demand”.

 Meaning you have to make sure other people don’t offer your product OR anyone buying from another one than you is arrested.  So while big tobacco would use images of the Marlboro Man – they also make sure they arrest anyone who sells their product without paying the proper taxes.   The “sex industry” is an industry – including it’s need to create demand, control the market, and their desire to not have their workers unionized or organized against them in any position of power. 

Jeane, there are very powerful people right now trying to get prostitution legalized in this country.  First they put John Hambrick in as Speaker of the House in Nevada.  More than one of Nevada’s politicians have complained he “strong armed” his way in there.  I watched his close friendship with Dennis Hof and Catherine Cortez Masto as well as Lance Gilman.  Lance Gilman is a councilman while owning the Mustang Ranch legal brothel.  Dennis Hof is now running for Senate as to is Catherine Cortez Masto despite there having been more than one protest about her obvious corruption. 

Our group personally witnessed her taking a check from Dennis Hof during the AB67 hearings which we were physically threatened to “stay away” from.  When we ignored this and came anyway - we then found ourselves banned from attending any of the social events designed to drum up voter support.  Now you won’t read about this in the Review Journal owned by Sheldon Adelson who has told me directly I’ve been “blacklisted” from appearing in any media he owns or controls  which is quite extensive of a list.

Harry Reid by the way was the only member of the Nevada legislature who was opposed to legalized brothels.  You might remember this man was literally driven out of politics by a huge press attack which was also greatly twisted last year.  Who remains however is Lance Gilman who is also on the board of the Economic Development Authority, and advisor to the governor of Nevada.  Who made it legal for the legal brothels to do “outcalls” by the way into Las Vegas once they lost the legal right, thanks to our efforts, to set up a physical location in Las Vegas at a hearing which wasn’t even on the books nor talked about in the press that we testified at and won.  One of the reasons we’re on their “shit list” by the way.

Now my point being, if you were a business trying to get clients who needed your services to drive out an hour to Pahrump to sign up for these services constantly having your competition beating you to these clients because they were already there suited up to ready go with the clients directly in the casinos – what would you do about it?  Wouldn’t you go after having those prostitutes, who were “illegal”, to have them arrested? Then if you kept finding there weren’t enough cops to make a dent in the number of prostitutes in Vegas on the weekends – wouldn’t you then also make sure any “john” who didn’t use your services was ARRESTED? 

I saw this when the so called “task force” set up in Nevada was only setting about not helping victims – but instead going after illegal prostitutes and “johns” who weren’t buying from the brothels.  Which is how it’s been for a long long time.  You want to shut down a “competitor” to your “legal” prostitution services?  Have them arrested.  Call it “cracking down on crime”. 

Only here comes along this chick named Jody who starts up this campaign talking about how these women are victims being further victimized by the legal system.  She even gets as far as getting them federal recognition with the Trafficking Act of 2000.   An Act which allowed our government to actually set up services to help these women LEAVE the sex industry. 

So what do you do now?  People aren’t so crazy about the idea as they used to be of weekly round-ups of prostitutes.  Especially now many of those women are their mothers and daughters.  Well that leaves you with cracking down on the customers then doesn’t it?  Get them busted a few times, threaten them with an arrest that can cost them their marriage, or their jobs, and that will drive them to the doors of your LEGAL services then won’t it? 

Oh and one other thing – you’ve got to get control over the porn industry too now anyone with a camera can make a film and the buyer can either get for free or for something like $0.99 – so what do you do to get control over the money and the content?  You sure can’t go after the producers like Hollywood and the Music Industry are going after pirates.  I mean how are you going to arrest some couple on a bedroom webcam?  If you did – you’d then be going up against “freedom of speech” laws.

Let’s say you’re a company like Vivid Entertainment.  A company who has now partnered with Dennis Hof by the way in the legal brothel industry in Nevada.  To see how clearly - you have to follow a maze of papers going from Vivid to Draft Day Gaming Group and on and on.  Vivid not only offers a download of Kim Kardashian on the website, but also through a cable subscription service.  Meaning anyone with cable can get it.  Or you’re Oculus who is produced out of Google and you want customers to buy your 3D interactive porn.  How are you going to charge a such hefty fee for these services - if anyone can get porn online for free or cheap?

Meaning you’ve got to shut down as much porn as you can NOT produced by your companies.  We want everyone on the same page now don’t we?  Especially now that the man who owns legal brothels in Amsterdam is having those same brothels shut down because of sex trafficking and now owns Backpage and Craiglist - the largest provider of "sex for sale" ads currently worldwide.

Oh yes meaning we don’t want people in America to realize that sex trafficking exists in legal brothels.  A man who then comes over and buys out the company who owns both Craigslist and Backpage.  He knows the single largest source of where people are buying sex that’s NOT coming out of a legalized brothel IS those two sites – Craigslist and Backpage.  As well as The Erotic Review, Redbook, and Rentboy.  Names sound familiar? 

They should because they’re sites to offer sex to buyers who were owned by “independents” – not by the “sexual mafia” who wants control over this whole industry in their pocket.  So just as Al Capone would bring down the law to shut down the bathtub gin makers – so too are we witnessing the same thing within the sex industry as I speak.  

Meaning we are witnessing the same version of "Al Capone" turning the police onto this competitors, while also using the media to fuel both the desire for their product, as well as to spread the word of their power to crush anyone not on the "team".   Speakeasy owners seeing articles about Al Capone's "ruthlessness" were much more likely to sign up contracts for regular purchasing of his product than those who hadn't.  Noam Chomsky has said the power of the media "is to democracy what a gun is to a dictator".  Well the corporations now own major media and if you've seen Alexandra Pelosi's documentary "Meet the Donors" you know politics is going to those who can buy it so do the math on what's behind this push to now "end demand" by arresting the buyers.

In fact, I'm seeing the same identical campaign these days about sex trafficking as I did when Hollywood was pushing cocaine as a "glamorous party drug" in the early 1980's.   They were making the same distinction that "cocaine wasn't like that horrible junkie drug heroin" the same as those pushing legalized prostitution are trying to convince you trafficking doesn't exist in their world - only on the street corners.  Well Betty Ford taught us addiction respects no persons.  

Men who buy sex regularly are sick.  They have a disease.  It’s called “sex addiction”.  Just as the alcoholic is to alcohol, the addict is to drugs, so too is the sex addict to the sex industry.  Now again is everyone who drinks alcohol an alcoholic?  No.  But the alcoholic was the driving force behind the illegal alcohol industry.  Little old ladies who drank champagne on New Year’s was not their “target customer”.  

Any of the “vice” industries know their target customer is that of the “addict”.  The casinos learned that in Nevada big time when they found they were making more money off the retirees with monthly checks than the “whales”.  The same as the alcohol and tobacco industries know it.  The same as ESPN sports subscription services know that most men aren’t going to shell out premium bucks to watch football either unless they’re ADDICTED.   So while it’s now lost popularity to control the market by arresting the provider – it’s now going to go after the “customer” to try and regain that control.

The problem is that this country recognizes that we have alcoholics, addicts, even gambling addicts.  There is also professional treatment available for these people. There’s courts that address this. However, there is not the same level of help for the sex addict nor the sex workers in this country whether trafficked or not.   I don’t know how old you are so I don’t know if you remember that in the 1990’s we had men like Patrick Carnes and Dr. Rader who were addressing sex addiction back then.  We also had Sexaholics Anonymous before Roy died, and the National Council on Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity before James Crossen died. 

Sex addiction is not one that people are going to talk about anywhere near as easy as they talk about drugs and alcohol, or even smoking either.  Because what I learned about the disease is that when it progresses to the acute stages – these people are truly dangerous to women and children.  Just as the alcoholic was to women and children in a drunk rage.  Only I again remind you we have AA now on every corner along with a treatment program at just about every hospital.  We however have nowhere near that capacity to help the true sex addict in this country.   Meaning if you do this, you will be lending to an increase in rape as well as sex crimes against children.  I know it sounds strong – but it’s true.  

I want you to further check out what's finally come to the surface in Oakland also as to the state of affairs for sex trafficking victims.  When the same man out there doing "john shaming" campaigns is turning around and purchasing women himself who have been prostitutes since they were 12 years old, along with at least 30 other police officers - then I ask you WHERE and HOW is this woman supposed to call for help when all these police officers are scared to death she's going to get that help?  Even now - I can't even get a phone call into her because "Nancy O'Malley" is handling the case.  Really?  I didn't know her expertise in helping this woman to leave and recover from sex work was more qualified than my 30 years of recovery and experience.  Considering she's still advertising her services on Facebook - that sums it up as to how much she's been helped by the local trafficking task force now doesn't it?  It also explains why our group was run out of town on a rail and why their Chief of Police wouldn't even so much as speak to me about helping us do outreach in the area.  Note the date on the lower right hand corner of when I took this screen shot.

You will further increase the power the “sexual mafia” has in this country behind sex trafficking.  Let me ask you to do a role playing with me here for a moment.  Let’s say we outlawed food that wasn’t sold at a supermarket.  You couldn’t get it at a restaurant.  You couldn’t buy it at a convenience store.  You couldn’t use a vending machine.  Nor could you even go to a food truck. 

Now along comes two people offering to sell you food conveniently.   One of those people is offering to sell you food out of the trunk of their car.  They grow this food in their back yard and then go around selling it to customers out of their car.  The other is this warehouse where farmers from all over the country have gathered together to create a black market.  These people who run this warehouse tell you that the local police, courts, judges, prosecutors and even the media are in their back pocket and if you get busted on the way home by a cop who asks you where you got this food – they can offer you protection from being arrested. 

So I now ask you – who are you more likely to go to on a regular weekly basis to buy your food from?  The independent operated alone – or the organized team who can also offer you not only a bigger variety of foods but also can make sure you are not going to be arrested?  A team who also shows they have this power by sending out cops to arrest all those people selling food out of the trunks of their cars just to prove to you they do have that power. 

I think you’ll agree with me you’re more likely to buy from the black market.  Why?  People can’t stop needing food.  It’s essential to life.  Now to an “addict” of whatever that addiction is – the drug of their choice is the same as food to us.  While there’s nothing wrong with needing food – we’ll die without it – there is also nothing wrong with sex.  However, to the sex addict they have a disease and they need help.  You criminalize them without giving them access to proper treatment – and all you’re going to do is drive them to the black market.  The one who “owns” most local law enforcement and the media – so the only people who are going to be going to jail are what?

Low income minorities.

Okay that makes the “prison industrial complex” happy.  Since most prisons in this country are now “for profit” they LOVE the idea that they’re about to lose all their drug addicts or non-violent crime offenders but they can be replaced with someone else.  To be replaced with who?  Once we start letting out all those weed criminals out of the legal system – did they reduce the number of those beds?  Hell no. Those beds need new bodies.   In fact “johns” are some of the nicest, easier to get along with, type of guy. They’re “lovers” not “fighters”.  So hey let’s go after a guy who buys sex as our new consumer of our beds in jails and prison.   They’re a lot easier to manage than professional criminals are. 

In jails I’ve gone into over 30 years which hold an average of 2000 inmates – 1800 of those inmates have been prostitutes.  That’s a huge chunk of inmates that’s going to have to be replaced with someone Jeane.  We haven’t done away with the system when we’re talking about releasing not only prostitutes out of these systems – but also “non-violent criminals” such as those who were buying weed.  Again, those beds have to be filled again.  Which is now why we’re talking about arresting “johns”. 

But if you do this, these men aren’t going to get the help they need because they’re not being taught they even have a “disease” for one thing.  I know because I helped to set up the very first “john programs” we had in this country where we did just that.  We educated them about sexual addiction and got them into the help that existed at the time – the 1990’s.  Only everything flipped on it’s head after the Trafficking Act of 2000 was passed.

Because in 2002, that’s when two things happened.  Polaris was created for one.  Their hotline you’ll note doesn’t take calls from “everyone wanting to leave the sex industry”.  No.  Their hotline is set up to take calls from “sex trafficking victims”.  But if you look at their media – what do they portray?  They portray illegal prostitution.  They do NOT educate you about what a sex trafficking victim looks like in pornography nor legalized prostitution.  The ONLY images shown by Polaris is that of the “illegal prostitute” if you look very carefully at their materials.  They also went after the ‘independent” providers, or those selling food out of the trunks of their cars, in Rhode Island and NOT Nevada. 

Then Randall Tobias, the man named in Jeane Palfrey’s “Black Book” along with George W. Bush, came in and passed what was the TVRA of 2003 – or a “revision” to this law.   What that revision did even took me a few years to understand it’s impact.  But what they did was they separated out any thing connected to the “sex industry” and made it so all grant or federal monies were issued by our government only to “faith based” groups.  Of which I’d like to add our 12 step program was not. 
Meaning the year 2003 DEVASTATED our program.  

Whereas during that year we had chapters of our program in every major city of the USA, working in cooperation with all of the courts, police, local churches, etc.   We then suddenly had everyone turn on us.  Our program had been holding meetings out of the Salvation Army or Catholic Charities up to that point because they had donated us space.  They then literally booted us off their property, and fired anyone who was even connected to our program.  The stress of this whole thing literally caused me to have a major stroke in 2004.

I’m only now getting my health back to put my boxing gloves back on now Jeane.  So I’m writing you to ask you to please consider the IMPACT of this law carefully.   Because in my opinion, mark my words, you will be increasing the power of sex traffickers in this country, as well as fueling organized crime or the new “shadow hand” that is very alive and well, and single handedly increasing rape as well as child abuse which by the way has BEEN SOARING lately if you haven’t noticed since they started this whole shift quite aggressively in 2007.  I know because that’s when these people came to me with an offer to “join them”.  I refused.  So now I’m having to talk to you about this from a position of great “shunning” but I hope you’ll listen to my words anyway.

These people know I don’t have the resources, nor the physical ability right now because I’m caring for my sick daughter, to fly out there to Seattle to talk to you about this.  I’ve love to get to know you, take you to coffee, talk to you over social events, and tell you what I’m trying to tell you over time.  That’s how the lobbyists do it.  I’m just someone like Joe Valachi trying to tell you what I’ve seen and known to be true and the rest I’ve got to leave in God’s hands. 

You arrest buyers and you create “end demand” programs – you’re just going to drive the market right into where you don’t want it to go.  Thanks for your attention to my thoughts on this matter.


Jody Williams